NEW Partner Program @ Skin Within


The moment some of you have been waiting for and have requested has arrived.

Skin Within has launched it’s own partner/affiliate system, and an affiliate vendor package is available at the mainstore for you to pick up, rez and profit from.  A sample vendor is also rezzed and visible. The affiliate program package can be picked up here.

All of you have given me tremendous support over the last 4 years. I’d like to give something back. I am therefore offering you all a generous commission of 50% on each sale and every sale. A small amount (2%) is deducted by the vendor creator.

As of now, the following top selling products are part of the program:

1) Alaysia
2) Ahawi
3) Anaise
4) Ashaki
5) Amelie
6) Zarya
More products will be offered soon. The only requirement, is that you have payment info on file and follow a simple set of rules.

I wish you every success with this venture.

Ayesha Bisiani

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