Skin Within launches Alina

Skin Within is back! Launching an incredible unique skin ‘Alina’ NOW. All features, makeups and body options have been painstakingly designed. This results in a skin that offers everything and doesn’t compromise in any field.

This Celtic beauty features a body with a regular and enhanced cleavage. Like previous skinlines, the skin is available in “bare” and “natural” form. Optional tattoo freckle layers are also included and an add-on smile which gives her slightly parted lips and is fantastic for photo-shoots.

Add on makeup made for Alina can be purchased separately. There are 24 makeup tattoos you can get as singles or sets.

Demo’s of all skins, body layers and makeups are available from demo vendors.

The purchased package will contain the suggested body and eyebrow shapes which you may use if you wish, freckle and parted lip layers and two versions of the skin cleavage enhanced and regular in both natural and bare versions. You also get 3 sets of eyes that work well with her skin-tone. As the skin looks best with red hair, a red hairbase forms part of the skin.

Drop by Skin Within and see what we’ve been offering Second Life for almost 5 years now. Skin Within gives you the best, with attention to each and every detail.

Check out the store to see what the fuss is all about. And to old customers: welcome back!

Credits and Thanks
Alina’s look has been enhanced by:
Skin Within Mirage Eyes (included for free with your skin purchase)
Reel Expression and Corpus
Poster photography and composition:
Skin Within
Tekeli-li and Zaara

Upcoming release from Skin Within

Girls I’m back…

I’ve spent a while getting a real world jewelry business off the ground but the lure of SL has however been too strong to resist and I’m back with Skin Within’s next release.

Attached are “Alina’s” pictures. She’s SW’s new redhead skin and will be making her debut in the store once I get her makeup done. I’ve spent months working on and perfectng her and I hope you’ll love her as much as I do.

Watch this space for her launch notification which should hopefully be within a week.

Skin Within Alina
Skin Within Alina Full


Hair: Truth
Bikini: Armidi
Eyelashes: Lelutka
Pose: Reel Expression