Feeling a little blue

Blue 1 Well where do I start with Droe??  I’ve seen a lot of blue skins around, but hadn’t been grabbed by them, maybe ‘cos it’s ‘in’ to be blue right now – I have a few blue skins, already – a couple for my water fairy, even one blue demon – but honestly, not one like this.  This is how I THINK I would look, if I were blue – all the detail and texture you expect with Skin Within, all wrapped up in a perfectly alien, supremely otherworldly skin.Blue 2So yeah, I pop on the skin… and I could see who I was, there and then – be it alien, cyborg, or just plain genetic reject, I *knew* Droe belonged in space, on some kind of half rusted deep cycle tramp freighter, either in charge of making sure we didn’t get boarded, or possibly making sure we were successful when WE did.  Quite possibly she’s one of those retired asassins who’ve not quite come to terms with retirement – either way, she looks edgy, dangerous, and smokily exotic.Blue 3

So I piled up the red hair, thanks to Devian Kitties – I don’t know about you, but the red just seemed to fit.  The makeup is so luscious, so detailed, so spot on to give a pure feel to the look of the blue skin.  Let’s face it, I’ve worked with Ayesha’s skins long enough, I knew it’d be good when she handed it to me – I don’t know that I thought it’d be *this* impressive though.

Blue 4 Hoop earrings are from Boom, along with a ‘Letter Me’ ‘J’ necklace from Skream… all the bangles and the wonderfully intricate ‘Ritual’ goth bracelet that just seemed in place for this skin are from Skream too.

Blue 5 Eyes (Look into my) are from Exodi, and the sunglasses covering them, above, are from Role Optic.  Leopard pants and the wonderful jacket are from Aoharu – just in case you’re one of the few people who didn’t know, Aoharu have a 50% off sale – if you haven’t been there, go – you deserve it :)

Blue 6 I really do get a ‘feel’ from this skin – I’ll be happily running around ‘feeling blue’ for ages.  The more I look, the more I like it – it’d be well worth making the trip to take a look yourself, especially at the Rezzable’s show, which is an SL experience in itself

Blue 7 I’ve used the supplied shape for Droe – Skin Within always supplies the shape with the skins, so you get ‘the’ look right out of the store – I have tried her on my normal shape and it works well too – will shoot samples later.Blue 8

Skin, Shape: Skin Within
Hair: Deviant Kitties
Jewelery: Skream, except earrings, Boom
Jacket, Pants: Aoharu
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Pedicure & Manicure: Skin Within
Eyes: Exodi
Weapons: Big Box of Free Guns – XStreet

Skin Within’s – “The Future is now” skins

When Winter Jefferson invited me to do this show, I had no idea what to make for it. The theme for this show is robosexual, novametal, cyberpunk, starfunk, spacejunk and was extremely interesting and exciting although it was a subject I had limited experience with

If you missed today’s exciting show, please do try and catch the upcoming ones on:
31 JANUARY 2010, SUNDAY, 3:30 PM SLT

Without further delay I’d like to introduce you to SW’s cyber humanoid ladies both of which are currently available at Greenies Home Rezzable