Anika returns…

Anika - Trinket - Strong effects

Looking at the post archives, it’s been quite a while since Anika made an appearance with her Scandinavian beauty, so I thought I’d give her a try – this is her ‘Trinket’ make up, bold eyes to go with the lush lips, smooth light skin with classic definition – Anika’s makeup just seemed ripe for a night out in the town…Anika - Trinket

I teamed Anika’s lovely skin up with hair from Tukinowaguma – this place is rapidly turning into one of my favourite addictions in Second Life.  This particular hair is called ‘Cellular’, and comes complete with the hat – multiple textured versions of the hat, all colour change (just like the hair, which has a staggering 144 colour variants in it too).

Anika - Trinket 2

Pictured earrings are from Artistry by ~E~, the bangles and necklace are from Skream, and the chain bracelet is from Glowing Gems.  The clutch comes with the Black Widow cocktail mules from Pixel Mode.  The lovely little gold dress is from Luck Inc – I bought the red and fell so in love with how it looked I had to go back and get the fatpack.

Anika - Trinket Facial

Above is a clear shot of Anika’s face – below is my take after playing in photoshop – as you can see, the look of an image varies greatly as to how it is finished – it also looks dramatically different in world if you use different windlight settings, etc – my recommendation to anyone is to come to Skin Within, try the demos, see how the skin you like looks in your set up of Second Life.  Skin Within demos are all free, and are an excellent way to get a feel for a skin.  Ayesha even includes the shape the skin was designed for with each purchase, so you can get the exact look of the vendor when you leave the store.  In this case, I’ve worn Anika on my favourite shape, Kiara Supermodel, from Skin Within, too.

Anika - Trinket Facial - Styled 640

Model is wearing:
Skin: Anika Trinket, from Skin Within
Hair: Cellular from Tukinowaguma (hat included)
Eyes: SLB Labs
Dress: Luck Inc
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Jewelery: Skream, Glowing Gems, Artistry by ~E~

Anaise in Damour…

Anaise in the snow

Anaise found herself a pretty little dress from Sasha’s Designs (this was a ‘Beating the Monday Blues’ special – if you haven’t seen some of the lovely things being offered each Monday, it’s well worth a look out for)  It seemed the ideal thing to take out for a pre-festive walk in the snow :)

Anaise closer

Anaise is in ‘Damour’ make up – she has luscious bright tones of eyeshadow, and my very favourite glossy red lips.  The lovely necklace and earrings you see are from Artistry by ~E~, stunning little pieces, as always.

Anaise at the wall

The hair you see is from Sweet Hair – this blonde tone is currently a special on Xstreet, and is a steal for the price – it’s soft, silky, and completely gorgeous.  I find I need a realistic looking hair to go with Anaise, because of the level of detail Ayesha has put into the skin.  I’m wearing Anaise on a Kiara shape, also from Skin Within, and the red nail manicure is also from there.

Anaise facial

These crystal blue eyes are from SLB Labs.  I’d recommend dropping into Skin Within and taking a look for yourself at the range – plenty of choice, luscious makeup, and demo’s available of all skins – the work Ayesha puts in to her skins can more than pay off in how good your Avi can look, inworld.

Model is wearing:
Skin Within Anaise skin, in ‘Damour’ makeup
Sweet Hair ‘Natalie’ in Blonde
SLB Eyes in Lilac (Big)
Sasha Designs Wilhelima in Black
Pixel Mode ‘Black Widow’ Cocktail Shoes
Jewellery by Artistry by ~E~ and Glowing Gems