Amelie, Tendre

Tendre, facial

Continuing my exploration of Skin Within’s latest release, the stunning french inspired Amelie, today I’m wearing Tendre makeup from the day range of makeup.  I’ve put it with some luscious hair from Argrace – I don’t know how I’d managed to miss this place in my travels, it’s got some lovely stuff.  Tendre is quite a bold makeup for the day range, so I teamed it with a lovely halter top from That Rocks in a purple to meet with the tones of the eyeshadow and lipstick, and a shiny new bangle from Glowing Gems.  The delicate textured chain you can see is the purity necklace, from Skream .

Tendre, Full Body I’m using the Kiara ‘Supermodel’ shape today with Amelie, to show that these skins to work well on all sorts of shapes, not just on the one provided to match the skin.  Skin Within offer the shape the skin was designed for, with every skin sold, so people can get exactly the look they see on the vendor, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work with *your* shape.  Seeing the wonderful look of the detail on the belly meant I just had to show it off, so I put the halter with this ultra lethal little mini from DrawMachine.  It’s short, skimpy, and the ties on the side finish off a really well textured skirt.  Kiara’s legs go on forever, so I’m wearing a floral tattoo from Foxxy Designs to help bring some attention to them, too.  Cocktail Mules in Cosmo from Pixel Mode (yes, I think I bought the whole store in that 50l sale) complete the look, along with a plum manicure and pedicure from the Skin Within range. Tendre, 3/4

Model is wearing:
Skin: Skin Within Amelie in Tendre Makeup
Shape: Skin Within Kiara Supermodel
Manicure & Pedicure: Skin Within
Eyes: SLB Lilac (Big) eyes
Hair: Argrace
Top: That Rocks!
Skirt: Drawmachine
Shoes: Pixel Mode Cocktail mules
Jewellery: Glowing Gems, Skream, Flirt
Tattoo: Foxxy Designs

Amelie – Skin/Shape Expo 09

Amelie on the chair

I gave Amelie a slightly different look with this one – popped her skin on the Anaise shape to see how she’d look on a shape that’s not ‘her own’ – and she looks to have passed with flying colours.  The skin itself is the special release of Amelie, available for the Skin/Shape expo 09 charity event at the Kmadd sim.  It’s well worth dropping in to the skin show to grab the luscious gifts available and see all the new releases and special charity editions.

The gorgeous shoes I’m wearing are by Jenny Thielt of Glowing Gems, and bear my name – her Jessica’s are an upcoming release, and are quite lovely – wearable with and without the buckle and gems, they have a colour selector for each part that gives you an infinite amount of combinations (and I mean infinite – it’s like the pallette in Photoshop, you can choose any shade, they’re like *wow* shoes)

Amelie SS09 Close

The lush little dress is ‘Payne’ from TART – I put it with Caelyn hair from Novocaine ‘cos I just felt a little eighties slipping in so I needed bigger hair :)

Amelie looking your way

Model is wearing:
Skin Within Amelie Skin (SS09 expo charity style), Anaise Shape, Vamp Manicure
Novocaine – Caelyn in Port
TART – Payne Dress & Spiked wristband
Skream – Luigi necklace & Allira Emo Hair bow in Blood
SLB Labs Lilac Eyes (Big)
Flirt – Tiffany Charm Bracelet
Glowing Gems – Jessica colour change shoes with diamonds & Diamond AnkletAmelie on the chair 2

La Petite Morte and Skin Within

Hi all you lovely Skinthusiasts out there!

I was SO excited when we were approached by Voshie Paine to work up some custom shapes to go with some of our skin lines! The idea was born from the current Skin/Shape Expo that both Skin Within and La Petite Morte are participating in.

I know many of you have probably known Voshie in the fashion community for quite a long time both as a model and as the creative force behind and owner of the Nocturne Modeling Agency. These days, Voshie is quite the up and coming shape creator so, of course we were thrilled with the proposal and began the collaberation immediately.

Voshie worked dilligently to come up with FIVE terrific shapes bringing a whole new look to the skins you have come to know and love so much. I absolutely love what she has come up with for all five of the skins she chose to work with: Amelie, Anaise, Alaysia, Zarya and Ahawi. Her shapes are very fresh and youthful and that translated to the skins when paired with them. All of her shapes are mod/copy, are very reasonable in price and she has quite the selection already with demos for each!

Of course, I hope you will all take a moment to stop in our booth at and although I hope these 5 shapes exclusive to Skin Within will be available in her main location even after the fair, I have no confirmation on that so hurry on down to Voshie’s booth at and see what new spin La Petite Morte has put on your tried and true favorites from Skin Within!

I have included below just a tease of the shapes she has created for our lines but more pics and of course the demos are available in her booth!

Until next time… ~Khali

Hair: Truth, ETD and Truth respectively
Clothes: Elephant Outfitters, DeLa and eLDee
Poses: Reel Expression