Alaysia Skin/Shape Expo 09 Special Charity Edition

 Alaysia SS09 01

It took two days to get into the Skin/Shape Expo, but I was very happy to have a stroll around.  And I was quite surprised to find that I *could* actually stroll, too – kudo’s to Kmadd for keeping the show simple so it wasn’t a nightmare of texture downloading, leaving the skins and shapes free to star.  This is the second of the Skin Within charity skins (and what I wore to the show, too) – Alaysia in an exotic, rich makeup, along with ultrashort hair from Little Heaven (Rabi is the style)Alaysia SS09 02

Shoes are by Zhao – I love my Zhao’s, especially for wearing with stockings and things – I’m wearing the Skin Within Vamp manicure and pedicure (I know, I wear it a lot but I *love* the colour) and the rather wonderfully detailed little black dress is from LA Couture.  Eyes are a Skin Within offering too – Gold Hazel Eyes (you can pick up a lovely gift pack of eye and nails from the Skin Within stand at the expo, too)

Alaysia SS09 03
Jewellery is from Artistry by ~ E ~ – I love Endra’s work, it’s delicate and detailed, and it makes me feel pretty just putting it on.  Take a look, it’s worth it.

Ahawi, Skin/Shape Expo Special

Ahawi, SS09

Just a quick little tease here for the special charity release of Ahawi for the Kmadd Skin/Shape Expo – luscious red lips, *just* my style :) Come on down to the expo and grab yourself a lovely gift from Ayesha, too  My Paisley top is from E! – Eclectic Apparel and Accessories

Ahawi with a guitar

Hair in these shots is from Novocaine – sadly Novocaine seems to be gone, but the hair is still on sale in the grounds of the Truth sim – worth grabbing while it’s still around, there are some lovely styles for 50l each tone set of three – from the original price of 285l

Ahawi, SS09 2

I know I’ve said this before, but I love Ayesha’s attention to detail with her skins – look at the neck and collarbone here – perfectly finished for a lovely, realistic skin without too much emphasis that it looks overdone.  Look at the detail on the lips, and shading to the cheek.  Excellent stuff.

Ahawi, SS09 3
Model is wearing:
Ahawi SS09 Charity Edition Skin from Skin Within, on Ahawi Shape
Emerald Eyes from SLB Labs
Milano &  Haruka hair from Novocaine
Passion Manicure from Skin Within
Paisley Top from E! – Eclectic Apparel and Accessories
Jewellery from Skream, Flirt, Pixelfashion, and Artistry by ~ E ~

Skin/Shape Expo 2009

Hi everyone,

Skin Within is participating in the Skin Shape Expo 2009 and has designed 3 unique makeups for Alaysia, Amelie and Ahawi respectively. Fifty percent from the sale of these three skins will be donated to the “Susan G. Komen – For the Cure

The expo will open from the 26th September to 10th October. You can teleport directly to the Skin Within store at the expo and demo these if you like them.





Amelie – Amoureux

Amoureux 1

Todays Skin Within post is brought to you by Amelie in Amoureux makeup, from the Day range.  As you can see the eyeshadow is a lush, bold finish, matching up nicely with the lipstick in pink, so I teamed it up with a pink tye dye top custom made for me by Eclectic Wingtips.  Her store, E! – Eclectic Apparel and Accessories, always has something fresh and exciting, and her custom work is very affordable too.  The jacket (Decadence, from Bare Rose) is my current most favoritest jacket in the whole of second life – it looks stunning.  If only there was an RL Bare Rose to shop at.Amoureux 2

I went for a nice simple set of earrings to dress up Amelie a little – this new set from Artistry by ~ E ~ is simply gorgeous, but doesn’t compete with the beauty of Amelie’s delicate features.  As always, I am in awe of the effort and attention to detail Aleysha puts into Skin Within skins – I really DO recommend a visit to the store so you can try on some demos – I have hundreds of skins to choose from in my inventory, but I do love slipping into these.Amoureux 3

The hair is an absolute steal – Amacci have this hair in an all colour fat pack as a group gift at the moment – look for ‘Adena’ – there are 45 colours included, and the texture is quite lovely.  I went with the ‘Gay’ Manicure from Skin Within to give my nails a little contrast – it’s a french polish so seemed fitting to wear with a french inspired skin. :)

Amoureux 4

Those big emerald eyes are from SLB Labs – I love the size of these eyes, and the dark shading helps make them so realistic – I have a sneaking suspicion I’d fall for this luscious green eyed redhead if I met her (or at least mug her for that jacket).

Amoureux 5

Yes, I know, I’ve posted a lot of pics here with this one – I can’t help it, I’m so taken with the skin, the jacket, the look overall, I just had to use the shots I took.Amoureux 6

Come on down to Skin Within – – grab some demos, and try Amelie for yourself – she’s *very* impressive.

Amoureux 7

Model is wearing:
Amelie Amoureux Skin, Amelie shape & brow, Amelie Lashes, and Gay Manicure from Skin Within
Bare Rose ‘Decadence’ Leather Jacket (OMG, I *so* love this jacket
DrawMachine’s Sexy Ass Jeans (decal edition) in Grey
Iced Heart Watch (platinum)
TJ Channel Set Wedding Ring
Stiletto Moody Bare Lauren Shoes
Pink ‘Shortie’ Tie Dye Top (Custom) from E! – Eclectic Apparel and Accessories
Christy Earrings and Necklace from Artistry by ~ E ~
Adena hair from Amacci in Dark Wine with Black Tips (it’s a group gift – grab this one!!!)
Emerald Eyes (Big) from SLB Labs
Skream Running Bangles

Zarya – Artemis…

Zarya Artemis 1Zarya is a greek inspired offering from Skin Within, and demonstrates again the exceptional skill Ayesha has at her craft.  Pictured is ‘Artemis’ makeup, showing the fine detail and effort put into each and every skin Ayesha designs.  I’m wearing my Lilac eyes (big) from SLB Labs – I just love the way the bigger irises fill the eyes out.

Zarya Artemis 2

I’ve teamed this skin up with ‘Rabi’ hair from Little Heaven, and the ‘Nachtmusik dress from Bare Rose in purple.  Shoes are the luscious ‘Bare Lauren’s from Stiletto Moody (sometimes my baby is just tooooooo good to me – I love these shoes)  The delicate tracery you see around Zarya’s eye is part of the Artemis makeup.Zarya Artemis 3

The big hoop earrings are from FineSmith Jewellery, and the eternity necklace was a gift from Sunnygirl Whitfield.Zarya Artemis 4

The Celtic Knot bracelet on my right arm is from SWA (a gift from the DSN Network – it’s *so* worth joining that), and the beaten copper bangle on my left is from Basalia’s Bangles.  The ring, as always, is from JCNYZarya Artemis 5

Model is wearing:
Zarya Artemis Ski, Shape and Brow from Skin Within
Rabi Hair in Blonde from Little Heaven
NachtMusik dress in purple from Bare Rose
Lilac eyes from SLB Labs
Eternity Necklace from Sunnygirl Whitfield
Hoop Earrings from Finesmith design
SWA Celtic Bracelet
Plum Manicure from Skin Within
Copper Bangle from Basalia’s Bangles
Bare Lauren shoes from Stiletto Moody

Amelie – Jaloux

 Amelie - Jaloux 1

Amelie’s definitely made it out of her business clothes here, this little red dress from Heart & Soul sure looks like it’s made for private wearing :)   Amelie is wearing ‘Jaloux’ makeup from the ‘Smoky’ range, shown with the supplied shape and brows.

Amelie - Jaloux 2

The beautiful corsage in Amelie’s hair is from Atomicbambi, and the hair itself is from Fri.Day.  Running Bangles, and the Purity necklace are from Skream.  The tiny waist chain is from FineSmith Jewelery Design

Amelie - Jaloux 3

Amelie’s lush manicure is from Skin Within, too – Vamp Manicure, an old favourite from the range.Amelie - Jaloux 4

For a change of pace, Amelie is shown here in the incredibly detailed ‘Donna’ outfit, from Bare Rose.  I’m nothing but impressed with both the range, and quality, from Bare Rose, at such an affordable price, too.  This outfit comes with a bewildering amount of pieces included, scarves, shirts, pants all in multiple colours – for less than a pair of pants at many Second Life stores.

Amelie - Jaloux 5

Model is wearing:
Amelie Jaloux skin from Skin Within
Lilac Eyes from SLB Labs
Bare Rose ‘Donna’ Outfit  (Scarf, Fur Jacket, Shirt & Pants)
Heart & Soul Red Dress (found on Xstreet)
Hair by Fri.Day, and by Novocaine (Claudette II)
Hair Corsage by Atomicbambi
Purity Necklace & Running Bangles by Skream
Bunny Waist Chain from FineSmith Jewellery

Amelie – Rue St Jacques

Amelie Lumiere 1 I got a great new background for my studio – a french street – so naturally Amelie was my first choice to shoot on it.  Today’s featured skin is Amelie Lumiere, from the Smoky set, teamed with the supplied shape for Amelie, Flamingo Manicure, and Cedar eyes – all from Skin Within

Amelie Lumiere 2This wonderful short hair is Eduard from Little Heaven (the colour is Marron) – if you’re ever looking for lush detail in short styles, Little Heaven is my absolute first place to recommend.  The lovely jacket and dress are from Aoharu – Sailor Collar Jacket in red.Amelie Lumiere 3

The gorgeous shoes are Cabernet Lace Trim Pumps from She’s So Unusual Shoes – this shot doesn’t do them justice because of the backdrop, here they are on their own:

Lace pumps

Amelie really does have a European feel to her – light complexion, elegant makeup, and great detail all round.  It’s a pleasure to show her off to people, and I urge you to make a visit to Skin Within and try on the demo’s.

Amelie Lumiere 4Amelie is looking very business like in this outfit – I think I’ll have to shift her from the boardroom to the bedroom for the next shoot :) Amelie Lumiere 5

Earrings are from Exodi – the Natalya set.  My ring (as a couple have asked) is from JCNY.  The tattoo over my heart was custom made by Sunnygirl Whitfield – she does some lovely work, too.

Amelie Lumiere 6

Model is wearing:
Skin Within ‘Amelie’ in Lumiere make up, Amelie shape & Brow, Flamingo Manicure, and Cedar eyes
Sailor Collar Jacket from Aoharu (Dress included
Eduard Hair from Little Heaven
Exodi Natalya Earrings
Cabernet Lace Pumps from She’s So Unusual Shoes
Diamond Anklet from Glowing Gems

Long Weekend…

Hello all you lovely Skinthusiasts!

It’s finally here! A much needed long weekend! I’ll be going to a barbecue and I thought this look was just perfect. A pink and frilly, yet fitted blouse with some tailored shorts in a charcoal color. A clean and colorful jewelry set that compliments the whole ensemble. Some cool and casual wedge sandals to show off manicured toes. Beautiful hair that is whispy and free so I don’t have to worry about driving with the top down or the balmy breezes that blow so frequently here on the coast. Saving the best for last… this SKIN! Amelie in the Fleur makeup was exactly right for a bright Summer day as the season winds down. The makeup is happy and feminine – almost sparkling and I just love how the blouse sets it off. Amelie on the shape I made for her just catches my breath and the variety of color she offers makes me ready for anything in this skin! Looks like I’m ready to go!

Grilled ribs, good friends and family – this is going to be a great day!! Thinking of all the fun that’s ahead in my day makes me wonder what all of you are doing too! Whatever it is, I hope you all have a wonderful time and that you spend this extra time relaxing and doing exactly what you want to do and whatever makes you happy! *Hugs!*

Until next time…

~Khali Laguna

Skin: Skin Within – Amelie
Hair: Truth (blows kisses to Truth for the evolution – he’s taken hair in SL to a whole new level!)
Clothes: Gisaci
Shoes and Jewelry: Earthstones
Nailpolish: Tease from Skin Within


Amelie goes to Vegas

Amelie in Vegas

Amelie found her way to Vegas, looking stunning in a silver sparkle dress from Momoko – at the moment I’m only seeing this dress on Xstreet, but I’m hoping for more from this designer, it’s quite lovely.  Amelie, the exciting new french inspired offering from Skin Within, is wearing the luscious ‘Rouge’ makeup from the Runway Set.Amelia by night

Amelie is a delicate skin, with a tonne of fine details, beauty marks, veins on the breasts, lovely lifelike highlights and shading.  As with all Skin Within skins, Ayesha has taken a great deal of time to make everything come together really nicely.  I’ve paired Amelie up with lashes and nails from Skin Within, and great hair from Vanity Designs Inc. Amelie - LV - Close

Model Wears:
Amelie Skin, Shape & Eyelashes by Skin Within
Skin Within ‘Plum’ Manicure
Lilac Eyes by SLB
Sparkle Sheer Party Dress by Momoko
Hair by Vanity Design Inc
Stay Away Bracelet and Luigi Necklace from Skream