Bonjour, Amelie

Amelie on the sunset

Amelie and I have been getting along very well – here she is in one of my all time favourite dresses, the Crush Tube dress from Blaze.  This dress is short, bold, and vibrant – an ideal partner to Amelie’s wonderfully detailed skin.

Amelie looking at you

Amelie really does carry a wealth of detail – you can see the delicate beauty mark above her lip, but there are more scattered around her body.  She has veins visible on her breasts (and quite gorgeous nipples, too) – I’d urge anyone looking for a skin that melds photorealism with hand drawn perfection,to take a good close look at Amelie from Skin Within.

Amelie in the sunset

As with all Skin Within skins, Amelie comes complete with the shape you see here, tailored to make the most of the skin, and ready to give a complete look, right out of the store.  The shape is modify, so you can tweak anything you may want to change.  I’m wearing prim lashes here, too, which give lovely depth to Amelie’s face.

Amelie - Close

Model is wearing:
Skin Within’s Amelie in Bonjour Makeup
Magika Banana Hair
Skream Luigi Necklace & ‘Stay Away’ Bracelet
Lilac Eyes from SLB Labs
Blaze Crush Tube Dress in Red
Skin Within’s Vamp Manicure

Just Married…

Amelie Close

Amelie’s debut, closely followed a few days later, by Amelie’s wedding. :)   I’ve had the dress for a while, but we’d never quite had the ceremony to go with it, but a recommital with my partner seemed the perfect time.  I thought it fitting to wear Amelie with it, as she has such clear beauty.  I went with one of the more minimal makeup’s from the Day range, Amie – the tones fit with the lovely hair from Analog Dog, and didn’t compete with the pretty detail of the dress.White Wedding

Excuse the shoes, they’re the first light pair I could find, and completely forgot to change to the white stiletto’s I’d meant for the dress… They’re from Tesla, the Summer Wine Lori’s, lovely shoes but not quite the look for the gown.


I am still absolutely taken with the detail in Amelie’s skin.  I’ve worn a stack of the makeup in the past week (will be sharing with you all over the coming days) and am getting so many compliments on my skin.

Here comes the bride

The detail in this dress is quite lovely – for anyone looking for a spectacular outfit for their wedding, I’d recommend a look at Vassnia – this is the ‘Like a Virgin’ dress – although it has so many options you could make it look completely different, too.
Amelie Profile

Model is wearing:
Skin: Amelie from Skin Within
Shape: Amelie from Skin Within
Hair: Embrace by Analog Dog
Dress: Like a Virgin by Vassnia
Eyes: Brown (Big) by SLB Labs
Shoes: Lori ‘Summer Wine’ by Tesla
Necklace: Luigi Chain by [Skream]

Amelie – French Skinline Launched

‘Amelie’ is from the romantic country of France.  Her shape and skin tone work together to produce an overall authentic French look.

Amelie is wistfully romantic and feminine, she has a peaches and cream complexion enhanced with some favorite details brought back from previous lines and some details that have never been seen in Skin Within lines.   She has very light veins in her breasts and behind her knees as well as lovely beauty marks sprinkled delicately in many places on her skin.

Also, for the first time ever at Skin Within, Amelie is a no mod skin.  What does this mean to you our customer?  It means that with Amelie, there is a new level of sharpness to the photorealistic details and definitions to the skin as well as a new vibrancy to the colors and makeups!

With this new vibrancy in the makeup choices,  you will find the lips have a new shimmer and the shadows a lustre that seems to almost glow gently.   Amelie also offers one of the broadest color selections we have offered in any one skin canvasing the collections of the familiar Day and Smoky sets to the ever-popular Fantasy and the unique set of Runway makeup – our newest type of makeup set.

Skin permissions are set to copy, no mod, no trans.

Demo’s of all skins are available for free. A No Makeup version of the skin and it’s corresponding demo is also available separately.  Demo’s of the shape are now also available.  The final shape you receive is fully modifiable so you can tweak it to your satisfaction.

You can teleport directly to Skin Within and demo the collection now.

Credit and Thanks:
Hair – sWEET Hair sWEET FACEs
Poses: Reel Expression



Take those flowers…

 You can take those flowers…

What happens when a skin reviewer’s date turns up late with a bunch of cheesy roses???  They have to run off and fetch chocolates to go with them.  :)   I am still completely smitten with this new skin – the look is perfect, the tones of the french inspired beauty are gathering comments from people like furry moths to a flickering flame – she’s just downright pretty.

A big bunch of trouble

This is Skin Within’s newest release, Amelie, wearing Desir makeup from the Smokey range.  Yes, if you know me at all you’d know the lush red lips were going on first.  I teamed them up with Emerald eyes from SLB labs, and a new hair for me from [TOP], a Korean store – this is Lucky Man 1 – I don’t mind mens hair for a good looking short cut.

Arms on hips

Amelie’s jumper and skirt are That Rocks newly released ‘Autumn Reflections’.  Her hair is from [TOP] – it’s a Korean store with some lovely styles – this one in particular is ‘Lucky Man 1′ (I don’t mind wearing a mans style once in a while to get a good short cut like this)

This close shot shows you the lovely eyelashes Ayesha has created for Amelie – one more little detail to make things that little bit better.

Close up on Amelie

Come on down to Skin Within and grab yourself a demo or three, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with Amelie too…

Jess is wearing:
Amelie Skin from Skin Within
Autumn Reflections from That Rocks  (Do take a look here, Angeliq makes some luscious clothes)
Emerald Eyes (Big) from SLB Labs
Lucky Man 1 Hair from [TOP]
Belly Piercing Ankh from Vamps & Tramps

Amelie – Preview

Amelie PreviewWow.  That’s really the only thing that’s coming to mind right now.  Just wow.  This is Ayesha’s upcoming release, Amelie, and I’m smitten.  She’s a little bare right now, and I can’t wait to see her makeup, I *know* it’s going to be stunning – but look at this skin – it’s gorgeous.  I’ve gotta quote my partner’s response to this when she saw me:

Mongeux Wolfzahn: baby.. you look absolutely stunning
Mongeux Wolfzahn: a goddess

Colour me impressed.  Colour me WAY impressed. :)

PREVIEW – Amelie French Skin from Skin Within

I’m really excited to show you a preview of Amelie, the latest skin by Skin Within scheduled to launch this weekend or early next week.

Amelie is a French skin, with details not found in previous Skin Within lines. I’m sure you will appreciate the time and effort that went into her creation.

I’ve shot a few preview pics of her and am delighted that she looks equally good as a brunette and redhead.


Hair: sWEET Hair sWEET FACEs
Bikini: Armidi
Poses: Reel Expression
Shape, Eyes and the rest: Skin Within




Alaysia in ‘Dan’

Alaysia looking bold…

Here’s Alaysia looking bold and pretty in ‘Dan’ makeup.  I was amazed at how well ‘Dan’ was spotted by people in world, the striking white detail being picked up by several people I met during the day.  ‘Dan’ is from Alaysia’s traditional makeup series, and is teamed with the supplied shape and eyebrow form for the skin, to give Alaysia a true asian feel.  I did try Alaysia on my everyday shape, and am happy to say the results were equally as stunning, although probably not as ethnically ‘precise’
Alaysia in the gardens

Alaysia carries these strong colours so well – I wanted to shoot her for the ’30 days of summer’ challenge ( – but in the end I had to put her up for the far end of summer with some early autumn leaves, just to compliment the great tones of the makeup.

Alaysia in the leaves

Alaysia is dressed in:
Love Soul Smile pants in red
Paper Doll ‘Poker Face’ T-Shirt dress (as a shirt)
Paper Doll ‘Aubrie’ hair in black
R2 Nanis shoes in black
Mix & Match ‘Garden’ Bangles
SLB Emerald Eyes (Big)
Skin Within’s own ‘Vamp’ Manicure
*Iced* Platinum ‘Heart’ Watch
‘Luigi’ chain in silver from [SKream]

Anaise goes to the west

Cowgirl Summer

I have a guilty confession – with a world of skins available to me, the pick of the range here at Skin Within, and a huge collection of skins from many of the designers of Second Life, I still pop on the Anaise shape and Paris Makeup as my day to day wear – I love the tone, and Mon, my partner, adores the shape of the face, it has a subtle line to the chin that my previous shape (almost identical, body wise) didn’t have.

Anais the cowgirl, closeup

Anaise is a Creole inspired skin, and the mixture of influences gives her such an exotic look, I’m absolutely seduced.  Drop in to the store, and I’m sure you will be too.  Three selections of the makeup have the beautiful freckles, giving such depth to her facial features.

Cowgirl 2

Today’s Cowgirl outfit was inspired by Evie Brunswick, a very good friend of mine, who turned up at one of our spots all yeehawed up and ready to go.  I tossed off my latex and joined her in saddling up for a day’s hard shopping.  Cowgirl 3

During the day I stumbled on this magnificent little tree stump, and couldn’t resist taking some shots on it.  I think they turned out particularly lovely, in no small part from the great tones of Anaise.

Cowgirl 4 I’ve mentioned before I love glossy red lips, and this last shot really shows them off.  I’m nothing but happy with Anaise and the Paris makeup, yet another truly beautiful skin from Ayesha. Cowgirl 5

Model is dressed in:
Drawmachine Sexy Ass Jeans in Dark Blue, (Ripped)
WWI’s Pink Tied Halter Top
Merci Designs Fur boots in black, with featured gold chain (ok, I wish it was silver, but boy I love these boots – complete with menu driven resize/emote/gesture/hug-kiss animation built in)
Chain Belt from SLC’s Maria Dress (Did I mention I totally love it, and the whole outfit is only 10L at the outlet store??)
Aoharu Short Jean Jacket
Pixel Fashion’s ‘My Heart’ Necklace in Gold & Silver (scripte change initials, I love it)
*Hami’s*’M’ Belly Piercing
Skin Within’s own ‘Vamp’ Manicure
*Iced* Platinum ‘Heart’ Watch
Nightmare Multi Bracies from [kAT]
SLB Labs Lilac Eyes (Big)
Cowboy Hat and Hair (You know, I have NO idea where this came from, it was on a Midnight Mania, and I love it – if anyone knows where it’s from, please let me know)

Sheeba, Exotic Beauty


Here’s Sheeba, Skin Within’s Ethiopian inspired skin, in ‘Amhara’ makeup from the tribal range.  Yet again, Ayesha has done magic here, capturing a ton of detail on a dark toned skin, no small feat in itself.  I have lightened these shots a touch, it’s part of my workflow in PhotoShop when prepping images from SL, Sheeba shows a little darker in world, but I wanted you to see the detail in the image, too


As you can see, the makeup is quite bold – all the tribal range is strong and powerful, and I  love having a style people take a second look at.  I had quite a hunt to find hair that really completed the look, but found this style, Shola, at Discord Designs- thoroughly recommended for some different styles, especially if you’re looking to match with dark skin.


Tiny bird’s ‘Bella’ also worked well for Sheeba, whilst probably not a traditionally ethnic correct hair, it seemed to look right.  Ayesha mentions Sheeba’s dark skin worked very well for colourful makeup, and she’s certainly made the most of the opportunities, lovely lush red lips, bold eyeshadows.


I did two shoots with Sheeba, she’s definitely fun to wear.  The featured shape is included with your purchase of a Sheeba skin, including eyebrow shaper.  Both the skin and the shape are modifyable so you can get them exactly to your taste.  Personally, I don’t think I’d change a single thing.


Model is wearing:
Nikki boots from Whittendon
Hair from Discord Designs and Tiny Bird
Drawmachine Denim Hot Pants
Serina Lavaca Collection ‘Chain Belt’ from the Maria dress (this is worth 10L all on it’s own, let alone with the dress too – look for the outlet store)
Vassnia’s wet tank top
Aoharu Short Denim Jacket & Orange Hooded Jacket
e! EclecticApparel and Accessories Caroline Necklace (available at )

Till next time,
Jess XX

Eva looking cosmically smoky

Eva, Seated at home

I feel very, very at home in Eva -  as a tanned blonde RL, I almost instantly relate to her skin, and felt natural with blonde hair on, too.  Eva spent quite a lot of time at home with me, basking on the island, so it seemed fitting to share this pic with her sitting in the Tiki hut.

Eva looking cosmically smoky

This, oddly enough, is also ‘home’ – it’s a backdrop in my studio from my home town, Adelaide.  The golden tones of the night lights and the water just really seemed to gel with the beautiful tones on Eva’s skin.  She’s wearing ‘Cosmic’ makeup, from the Smoky set – I was drawn to it by the lusciously glossy wet lipstick – I’m a sucker for red, red lips – just look at the gloss finish in that shot above.  I’m totally smitten by the curve of the eyebrows with Eva, too – eyebrow shapes are included with all skins purchased from Skin Within

Eva, playing the model

Eva is wearing the Maria dress and Valentine dress from the Serina Lavaca Collection, R2′s gorgeous red Nani shoes (or boots, I’m not quite sure which they are but I love them), Claudette II hair in ‘Sand’ from Novocaine, and Monarch earrings from ally! Mariposa.  The red nails are Vamp from Skin Within’s own range.  Featured shape is supplied with all Eva skins from Skin Within.