Ahawi out on the town…

Just a quick post ‘cos I’m *very* impressed with Awahi in her Earth tones offering – I’ll be doing a shoot soon, but I was just taken with this snapshot:Ahawi, Snapped

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Yours in Skins
Jess XX

Skin: Skin Within’s Awahi in Rezzable Swan Song limited edition ‘Earth’ tones (more details below, see Khali’s post)
Hair: Tiny Bird ‘Bea’
Eyes: SLB Labs Brown, Big
Top: ‘Garden Lace’ from Not Without You

Earth Goddess in Ahawi from Skin Within!

Hello all you beautiful people!

I just had to do my own entry on Black Swan’s Swan Song event. The show was fabulous!!! Winter Jefferson and his team did an amazing job putting that all together! It’s a real sight to see!! There will be two more shows and I HIGHLY recommend catching one if you can! Here is the SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Black%20Swan/8/55/21

I had to get the Ahawi Earth Limited Edition… I think that the makeup is just breathtaking! I bought a few outfits to go with it from the event, but I thought today I would show it with the Mother Nature gown offering from Staged. I just thought it set this amazing makeup palette off perfectly! With the wheaten colored golds and browns to the shimmery greens and coppers on the eyes and a lovely frosted peach lip and gently rouged cheek, this skin really brings out all the best Ahawi has to offer. It is exclusive to the Swan Song event at Ayesha’s normal skin price of $1200 and will be gone with the Black Swan so hurry and get it!!!!

I accented the outfit with some lovely simple jewelry from Glowing Gems. Let me take a moment to tell you about why I love Glowing Gems so much… Jenny Thielt has created a jewelry line that is simple, feminine, classic and timeless. Her pieces have a subtle glow like beautiful jewels (hence the name) and the best part is that they come with a color changing HUD that allows the change of the metal AND the stones at the touch of a button. No more awkward chat commands and trying to remember which channel supports which function. No more checking color charts and hoping what you see is what you get and often being disappointed. The HUD shows the actual texture that will be applied so no more guessing. It’s really great work and at a very reasonable price! *Hugs Jenny* Thanks for making accessory coordination so very painless, I’m glad I found you!
For all of you that want to find her… here is the SLURL to Glowing Gems: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Agard/91/160/25

Without further ado, my Ahawi Earth offering…


Skin – Limited Edition Earth Ahawi by Ayesha Bisiani of Skin Within for Black Swan’s Swan Song
Dress – Dezi Jarvinen of Staged
Hair – Truth Hawks of Truth
Shoes – Indyra Seigo of Indyra Originals
Jewelry – Jenny Thielt of Glowing Gems
Pose – Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose

Until next time…
~Khali Laguna

Anaise on fire!

Anaise fire and GraffitiAs mentioned by Ayesha, Skin Within is participating in the Rezzable’s Swan Song event – I was lucky enough to get the Anaise skin with the Fire Elemental inspired makeup – I’m quite taken by Anaise, as is my partner, so it was easy to spend a day running around in this skin.  I teamed this bold skin up with one of my favourite hair styles from Elika Tiramisu Designs, Roxie, complete with some fiery orange tips.

Anaise Compilation

Anaise really is an easy skin to wear, her features are soft, delicate ad feminine, the jaw is strong, her cheeks have just such a luscious curve to them – all in all she’s downright sexy.  You can see the work that Ayesha has put into this skin, the highlights are fine tuned, the shape is divine.  I’m used to getting comments when walking the world of Second Life, but wearing Anaise just seems to double the attention my Avatar gets.

I was a little amused, every now and again taking shots I end up with one with my eyes closed – curse, take the shot again and carry on – because of the colours of this one I was taken by the look as the eyes closed, and set out to take an intentional image – wow, was that a struggle – getting the split second capture when the model blinks… here it is though, and I think you can see why I wanted it.

Anaise - Fire - Eyes Closed

I’ll leave you with a couple of full length shots – I think this skin (and shape) is quite lovely – visit the Swan Song event mentioned in the previous post, you can try on a demo for yourself.

Till next time,
Yours in skins,

Jess XX

Anaise Fire - Full Length Pair

Model is wearing:

Nikki Boots from Whittendon (just LOOK at those boots – they’re on sale till November, too – boot heaven!)
Roxie Hair from ETD
Kamikaze Sheer Top
DrawMachine Sexy Ass Jeans – Pink
Anaise Fire Skin from Skin Within
Flashy Manicure from Skin Within
Brown Eyes (Big) from SLB Labs
Multiple Earrings and Bracelet from Glowing Gems
Eternity Necklace from Sunnygirl Whitfield

Skin Within’s Rezzable Swansong Skins

I’ve been invited to participate in the Swansong event by Rezzable, and as the theme was Elemental, I’ve styled 3 of our current skinlines as exciting Earth, Water and Fire elementals.

What is even better is there will be a series of live shows where you can watch these skins modelled live. If you have never attended a Rezzable event before, these are a “must” as I promise you it will be something truly entertaining and unique. You can also demo and purchase the products at the venue directly. The first show was yesterday but the next ones will be on 2 August – 2pm SLT and17 August – 6pm SLT.

There is huge talent in Second Life, and the show will also include the creations of some of the best talent SL has to offer. As the theme is “elemental”, be prepared to be stunned by the offerings and displays. You will be able to offset your purched elemental skins with hair, clothing and more and really be able to create the avatar of your dreams.

Pictures are enclosed and you can demo the products at the Black Swan venue.


Hair: Deviant Kitty – Fay, Tukinowaguma Legend, Phoenix Avatar by Mau’s and Mej’s (I only used the hair)
Oak Acorns Wreath: Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing)
Poses: Reel Expression



Saba goes to the big city…

Saba goes to the big city…

I was so taken by Saba, in her ‘Cerise’ makeup, that I trekked her off to a city of the future for a shoot – yes, it’s grimy and grungy, and maybe not at all suitable for her lovely clothes, but she sure looked good there, all the same – here’s another shot, just a little closer:

Saba in the City, closer

As you can see, Saba is a very pretty Middle Eastern girl, from somewhere around the Turkish area.  I actually found her DJ’ing at Libertinity, (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Libertinity/38/21/22) a rather wonderful little island over at Zindra, at a small bar during the launch of the sim.

Saba on the decks

You can find Saba, in Cerise and another 23 variations of makeup, along with a no makeup version for those who like the natural look, at Skin Within. Saba, as with all skins from Skin Within, comes with an authentic shape, and eyebrow shaper, so you can get her look right away.  Then you can take her dancing, like below:

Saba, Dancing

Model is wearing:
GuRL 6 ‘Felicity’ Hair in black and gold
Alessandra ‘Sheer String’ tank top in Olive, and ‘Ultra Low Rise’ leather pants in Nude
Skin Within’s own ‘Flashy’ Manicured nails
Glowing Gems ‘Linda’ and ‘Hearts Afire’ bracelets
Those lovely ‘Big Lilac’ Eyes from SLB Labs
PixelFashions ‘My Heart’ necklace in gold and silver
and the stunning new ‘Ellie’ shoes in black from Merci Designs – complete with scripted menu including resizing, hug & kiss targeted animations, emotes, gestures, and recolouring for skin and toes – these are lovely footwear, folks

Till next time!!!
Yours in skins…

Adriana goes home…

Adriana goes home…

This is Skin Within’s Adriana in ‘Graphic’ Makeup from the Dramatic range.  I took her home to Rio as she is a Brazilian beauty, with a realistically coloured skin, featuring a combination of hand drawn and photo sourced textures, and looks quite lovely in world.  I chose Graphic for the bold makeup, and the gorgeous pattern near her eye.  Her shape, as always with Skin Within, is included with your purchase so you’re ready to go, right away.  Both the skin and shape is modifiable, so you can fine tune to your hearts content – I’m just not sure any changes are needed.   It was a novel experience for me, strolling the world of Second Life as Adriana – my normal Avatar is quite short, so having long brazilian legs was fun.

Adriana - Graphic Compilation

Model is wearing:

‘Edwina Hair’, in port colour, from Novocaine
‘Mysterious Colour Denim pants’ from Aoharu
‘Grecian top – Spring’ from Pink Outfitters (chosen for it’s strong colouring and lovely fit.)
The triple ring lip piercing is a new design from Glowing Gems, a wonderful store for beautifully delicate jewelery. (At least, it should be – Thank You, Jenny :) )
Featured eyes are ‘Mirage’ from Skin Within’s own collection.
Nails are ‘Hi Shine Cherry Polish’ from Stellar Design
Sneakers are ‘Love Me Sneaks’ in pink from Tyranny Designs

Natalia, From Russia, With *Lots* of Love…

Natalia, From Russia With Love

Hello there!!  I’m Jessica Pennent (Jess to my friends), and I’ve been asked to pass on my take on some of these classical ethnic skins and shapes from Skin Within.  First up, I’ve gotta say I’m impressed both with the range and choice, and with the quality of the skins on offer – and pleased to see the ease of use for the average Second Lifeonian, Ayesha giving the entire package including shape, eyebrow shaper, etc, makes it easy to look the part, even if you’re not familiar with modifying your avatar.  So after browsing the store, my first choice was to meet the lovely Natalia, inspired by timeless Russian beauty, and I was almost immediately drawn to Naida – the tones struck something on that almost touchable skin – here’s a small taste of what I found:

Natalia - Naida

Natalia is a born and bred Russian girl, however while looking at her fine facial features and smooth, delicate skin I realised that while she may be the typical Russian ‘Girl Next Door’ she also has a wild side, and Naida, one of the night tones confirmed it for me – I’m sure her parent’s don’t know she’s going out clubbing in all but see through latex, with her hair teased to distraction, but I do. :)

Take a look through the range of skins from Skin Within, there are many lovely surprises to be found.

Till next time,


The model is wearing:
Natalia – Naida skin from Skin Within,
Natalia Shape from Skin Within (shapes included with all skins purchased)
Clear Latex top and Red Latex Raincoat from Elixir
Drawmachine Sexy Ass Jeans (Decal) in Light Blue
Immerschoen Lack Stiletto’s
Red Queen ‘Envy’ Hair in Blonde
Lilac Eyes from SLB Labs.
Image shot in the Gadget Gal Photo Studio V2.1

Feeling Rawr in Saba from Skin Within

Helllooooo all you lovlies out there!

I missed being able to chat with you so often!

Here is our very own Saba in an outfit from Indyra Originals that is ready for the boardroom! Sexy yet sophisticated and no one pulls that combination off like Saba.

In my opinion, Saba is one of the most unique and naturally beautiful skins in SL. There is just something about her that screams to be touched as if she were daring you to prove she isn’t real flesh and blood.

Still, I am amazed at how lifelike this skin’s texture is, it’s like velvet and I love the iridescent quality of the makeup

I hope you enjoy this one.

Until next time…


Hair: Lost Thereian of Naughty
Pose: Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose
Outfit, shoes and jewelry: Indyra Seigo of Indyra Originals