Alaysia at Tempura

Alaysia Ping Skin Within

Although Alaysia ia a beautiful Asian Chinese woman…I could not resist putting on this pretty pink Japanese kimono when I saw the pristine pink lips and eye make up of Alaysia Ping. Her skin is flawless and gorgeous. I know she is a favorite featured previously Khali Laguna, but I had to feature her myself as well. Choosing this fair skin Asian beauty…I thought immediately of visiting the must visit spot of Tempura. Tempura is a paradise and I knew just the right spot. At Tempura I knew I needed to head to the pink floral hilltops for that perfect presentation. Alaysia Ping’s with its pristine pink make up and porcelain skin is such and elegant look…I would love to try her in a less ethnic way…hmmm…now there’s a thought! Until next time!


Clothing: June Dion of Bare Rose
Hair: Helyanwe Vindaloo of Deviant Kitties
Location: Island of Tempura

Fire Goddess Saba~ Skin Within

Saba Naive Skin Within

Saba is such an exotic goddess in the first place, the skin Naive just excentuates those lovely features. With tangy orange lipstick that glistens with moisture & her glittery eye make up I knew she needed the look of a Fire Goddess.  So I outfitted in a sexy orange gown that showed off the other fine highlights of Saba’s body and finished with some orange jewels.  Of course the natural idea was Saba needed some gorgeous ginger red hair.   I then took this lovely goddess to The Volcano a Linden Lab location.   During sunset standing next to the lava flow with smoke rising…I was able to bring to life Saba the Fire Goddess…and that she is, with her beautiful ethnic features she has “a look” one can not deny.

With that I leave you…hopefully a bit in awe over this lovely skin…the photos say it all and it was worth the job hazard ;p

Enjoy Your Weekend,

Rhia <3

Clothing:   Naughty n Nice ~  Nikita Lightfoot
Jewelry:  Earth Stones  ~  Abraxa Anatine
Hair:  Shylah Honey of Damselfly
Pose:  SEmotions
Location: The Volcano

Ashaki Dramatic & Dark~ Skin Within

Ashaki Russet

Wow! Busy day and I’m running late! But I wanted to be sure to bring you my latest presentation…Ashaki~Russet. This is definitely a skin that makes you say “Whoa”… I put it on and I immediately felt dark and mysterious. I knew too exactly where I wanted to go for a picture…Templum Ex Obscurum…dark and gothic feeling I figured I best get dressed first. Because Ashaki Russet has gorgeous red lips and unique russet eyemake up….I chose a sexy red and black mini dress that had some great thigh highs too. Finally touch was a Victorian mourning cross necklace…ok, now I was really set to go. It’s dark there…very dark…and Ashaki at this point looked like she belong there…dark and wild…I wasn’t sure I was even going to be able to get a picture amongst all this darkness. As I walked through the swampy area…I stopped…it was perfect…as the fog swirled around the light from it and the water set off this skins features amazingly…the facial highlighting showed perfect and I certainly looked like I belonged there. Ashaki proved to be a work of art. This skin would be perfect for those wild nights and going out to a great rock club….so stop and try this or many of the other dramatic make ups available at Skin Within…it’s your Second Life…be daring!

Until Tomorrow,

Clothing: Naughty n Nice~ Nikita Lightfoot
Jewelry: Rhiamon’s Realm~ Rhiamon Nitely
Hair: Emo-Tions~ Mirja Mills
Pose: SEmotion
Location: Templum Ex Obscurum

Anaise Getting Steamed at Four Winds ~ Skin Within

Anaise Kahlua Skin Within

Gotta love classic Victorian teamed up with the unconventional Steampunk.   I could not believe how wonderfully natural Anaise Kahlua skin was when I put it on. For those not familiar with Anaise…she is Skin Within’s Creole Skin and she is absolutely a beauty of the south!   This Skin has a clean girl next door look. The low keyed make-up really was perfect for browns & coppers both popular with the Steampunk look.  To be feminine I chose paisley and lace clothing but teamed it up with high laced boots.  The copper firefly and pearl necklace I made matched the eyeshadow and lip color.  Hair that shows the wonderful features and freckles of this skin was the final touch.  As I watched the setting sun by this old rustic lighthouse…I knew…this was definitely a winning look…and Anaise Kahlua was a wonderfully detailed skin for this special ensemble!  I will definitely be featuring more of Anaise’s options!  So Stay tuned!

Pli ta! (See you later)


Clothing:  Solange Cerveau of Solange
Boots:  Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things
Jewelry:  Rhiamon Nitely of Rhiamon’s Realm
Hair:  Elika Tiramisu of ETD

Location: Four Winds, Victorian Prefabs

Ahawi at Red Rock ~ Skin Within

Ahawi Seduce at Red Rock

What can I say…I’m partial to Ahawi, because I’m a registered Native American in Real Life…and this is probably one that I use most…Ahwai Seduce…I chose to return to a place I found when I was brand new to Second Life…Red Rock…amongst the back drop of the red canyon walls, I walked but decided to climb uptop to get this shot of sunset.  The hues of the rock and the sky played off each other and Ahawi’s coral lipstick glistened for the photo.  The skin has amazing details that stood out in the native contemporary western look I decided to dress in today.  So be sure to visit Red Rock…maybe you’ll be fortunate enough to go to a pow wow…and be sure to check out the many lovely options of Ahawi.

Till Tomorrow…Adio, wli nanawalmezi…


Clothing:  Nikita Lightfoot of Naughty n Nice
Hair:  Shylah Honey of Damselfly
Jewelry:  Rhiamon Nitely of Rhiamon’s Realm
Shoes:  Kumii Yoshikawa of ::69::
Pose:  SEmotion
Location:  Red Rock, Native Lands

Pretty in Pinks…and Purples! Eva of Skin Within

Eva Volare Skin~ Skin Within

I decided to use my own photo studio for this shot because the Eva Volare skin and clothing colors complimented each other so well, I didn’t want to be any distractions.  Eva is a fantastic sunkissed California girl look…but rather than putting her in bikini…I chose one of SL’s more unique prim skirts.   For something just a bit different I chose sandy brown blonde hair rather than the light blonde hair that Eva often wears.  The scarf that drapes around the neck and frames the face brought out the highly detailed makeup of Eva’s skin.   Another lovely choice of a skin that is versatile with her skin tones not being too light or too dark.

Hair: Truth Hawks of Truth “Jennifer”
Clothing: Juno Mantel of JunBug Designs
Jewelry:  Rhiamon Nitely of Rhiamon’s Realm
Pose:  CW Studios



Live A Fantasy~Zayra by Skin Within

Zarya Ate Skin Within

This gorgeous skin Zayra~Ate has intricate tattoos of green leaves coming from the eyes accenting the gorgeous skin tone and lip color…nothing short of a fantasy…

With that I chose to wear a frock of green called Maid Marion…with cloak and all and wear my golden heart celtic jewelry.  Although Zayra’s ethnic background is Greek…this shows how versatile in the looks one can achieve with this lovely skin.  I chose to accent her unique artistic face with emerald green eyes and ginger colored hair…bringing the look to what is close to a lovely lady from the British Isles.   Standing infront of the doors of my own tree castle…was the perfect backdrop to bring this lovely picture to a reality.

Live out your fantasies…until tomorrow….

Rhia <3

Clothing:   Gypsy Tripsa of Gypsy Tears
Jewelry:  Rhiamon Nitely of Rhiamon’s Realm
Hair:  Shylah Honey of Damselfly
Pose:  Striking Poses ~ Betty Davis

Exotic Saba from Skin Within

Although these are a set of silks, these are a just right for belly dancing and a harem girl look.  To show off Saba Optical…the make up is rich and just flashy enough to show off the exotic features of Saba.    If middle eastern culture is not the look you need…Saba’s makeup is perfect for that night out on the town and hitting clubs, you have to just love the rich raspberry lipstick and the perfectly blended matching eyeshadow!



Clothes:  Talyn Barrett of Analise “Aqua Silks”
Hair: Queue Marlowe of Analog Dog “Go” in Jet
Jewelry: Nosering~ Zaara Kohime of Zaara
Pose: Striking Poses
Saba Optical

Happliy Every After as Ahawi

Skin Within Ahawi in Lapis

Once Upon A Time….Rhia went out looking for a romantic spot to show you Skin Within’s Ahawi Skin in Lapis…

This skin has the pure complexion fitting a princess…with the pale pink lips and the light understated hue of blue stroked across the eyelids, I couldn’t resist putting on a Cinderella dress and heading to the Garden of Da Vinici.

Ahawi is a Native American Skin from Skin Within and I’m partial to it from my own ethnic heritage…she has a wonderful medium skin tone that is very versatile…I took Ahawi in this case and teamed her up with a light colored hair to show her many possibilities…not just the traditional black hair one might think of when looking at her origins. I used blue eyes too!

So this weekend when you are looking for something to do…grab your frog prince and explore the gardens and be sure to stop by Skin Within and see the many possibilities your SL could have!



Clothing:  Nikita Lightfoot of Naughty n Nice “Fairy Princess” Gown
Hair: yukitan Farrjones of W&Y
Jewelry:  Rhiamon Nitely of Rhiamon’s Realm ( Yeah, that’s me, lol )
Pose: SEMotion
Location:  Garden of Da Vinici

In Traditional Elegance~Arya

Hi Everybody! My turn to show off some of the lovely skins offered at Skin Within…and as is my style I love traveling and visiting a lot of places through Second Life.   On this trip I found myself exploring the main store SIM of Zaara…

Standing in front of one of the gorgeous doors of this crisp & clean building…you have the feel of the best that India has to offer….and it suited Arya to visit it on this particular day!
Decked out in Ayra~Dharti Skin and wearing traditional bridal dress of a native Indian woman…it could not be anymore lovely that the traditional white of other cultures!

I’m not a professional blogger also to speak, so bare with me as I stumble through my presentations! However, I’m excited to show everybody the many looks and styles that can be achieved wearing some of Ayesha’s lovely skins as well as some of the wonderful places SL has.

(Rhiamon Nitely)

Clothes and Shoes: Zaara Kohime~Traditional Indian Wedding Ensemble
Hair: Queue Marlowe of Analog Dog
Jewelry: Necklace~Fallingwater Cellardoor
Bangles & Nosering~ Zaara Kohime
Pose: SEmotion AO (just a casual shot of the AO’s cycle)
Location: Zaara’s Mainstore

Ayra~Dharti Skin from Skin Within