Study of Alaysia from Skin Within – Day 4

Hello all you beautiful people!

Time for a new pic….ok, way past time *sighs*. Taking care of a whole house and working FT make time a lot more complicated to manage lol.

But… trust that I haven’t forgotten my promises to bring you 5 days of ALAYSIA!!!

SO…. here is my current offering. It’s Alaysia bathed in a beautiful teal frock that matches the Limited Runway edition of the skin that Ayesha did as a BOGO free item! Everyone should really be in her group/subscribo or at least check this website constantly for all these little things she does for her customers! You don’t want to miss out!

I just loved this makeup when she put it out so I decided I had to put it in the blog! Hope those of you that have it are loving it and those of you that didn’t get a chance to get it on this one, get a chance to get in on the next little special/freebie that Skin Within does. You know with us, it’s all about YOU!

Until next time… ~Khali Laguna

Hair: seu Ahn of Shop Seu
Dress: sachi Vixen of Adam n’ Eve
Jewelry: Hibiscus Flossberg of Puarangi Designs
Shoes: SW Piedi Felici Milano in Sky
Pose: Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose


Piedi Felici launches it’s Milano Shoe Collection

Piedi Felici launches it’s Milano collection. You can find these in the shoe store at Skin Within. The shoes are inspired by international designs seen mainly in top runway shows. The collection is available in 12 scrumptious colors and according to me are the highest quality shoes on the grid.

Singles are L$600 and the fatpack of 12 is L$3600

Shoes have been built by Chosen Few and textured by Chosen and myself.

The Skin Within sim can be easily found via an in-world search.





Study of Alaysia from Skin Within – Day 3

Hello all you lovlies!!

Today’s Alaysia is a sharp and sporty new number from Indyra Originals… wear this and be ready for a luncheon at the club or a shopping trip to your favorite trendy spot!

Paired with this makeup version of Alaysia showing the dark smokey eyes and the deep crimson lips that match the color details of this ensemble.

Not sure what I might bring you tomorrow but something yummy and still… Alaysia!!

Until Next Time… ~Khali Laguna

Hair: Elika Tiramisu of ETD
Jewelry: Jenny Theilt of Glowing Gems
Outfit and Shoes: Indyra Seigo of Indyra Originals
Pose: Zelly Mornington of Striking Poses


Study of Alaysia from Skin Within – Day 2

Good evening all you beautiful people!

Day 2 of the Alaysia study and here is Alaysia in a much edgier look… a look that you might wear clubbing or shopping. The makeup is Kunqu from the Traditional collection.

Alaysia is so very versatile that she goes well in anything. I love the wide variety of color choices in the makeups! It makes matching to what you are wearing fun and dramatic.

I hope you are enjoying the style of these pics where I will show you the whole look as well as a close up of the face so you can really get a good look at the details and colors in the makeup. I will continue this style through this series.

Tomorrow I think I will show you the softer side… something feminine and romantic *smiles*

Until tomorrow… ~Khali Laguna

Tank: Silkcut Winkler of Acetone
Jeans: Callie Cline of Callie Cline
Shoes: Onyx LeShelle of Maitreya
Hair: Helyanwe Vindaloo of Deviant Kitties
Jewelry: Miriel Enfield of Miriel
Pose: Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose


Study of Alaysia from Skin Within

Hello all my long missed lovlies!

FINALLY, I am all moved in… unpacked? No… but at least I finally have internet access back and all my stuff is within the walls of the house lol. I can worry about all the unpacking as time permits.

Thank you all for hanging in there and coming back! Personal issues aside, I wanted nothing to keep me from my long promised first installation of my study of Alaysia.

This first offering is a sexy and playful side of Alaysia… a pillow-talk version you might say.

The makeup is called Dan and believe it or not, it is from the traditional set! I just had to pair it with this new naughty but nice nightie from Indyra Originals because the colors just complimented perfectly!

Hope you enjoy this, I will be bringing you different Alaysia samplings all week this week so be sure to keep dropping by!

Until then… ~Khali Laguna

Clothes and Shoes: Indyra Seigo of Indyra Originals
Hair: Britnee Hadlee of Simply Britnee
Jewelry: RH Engle of RH Engle Jewelry
Pose: Luth Brodie of Reel Expression