Cool and Current in Ahawi from Skin Within

Hello all you beautiful people!

I must beg both your forgiveness and your indulgence! I am in the middle of a RL move and I have VERY little RL time to devote to anything else other than packing as I have just the 2 days of the weekend to get it finished!

So if you will PLEASE bare with me until next week… I will love you all forever!

Oh, who am I kidding? You know I will love you all anyway *winks*

But while I have to take a few days of a break I wanted to give you the picture that I promised you the other day when I gave you the Native American Ahawi.

Without further ado… Here she is all modern, contemporary, completely relevant and a total departure from her Native American self… I hope you enjoy the versatility and diversity as much as I always did!


Coming soon… some Alaysia for all you Alaysia fans out there… and I know there are many!

Until then… ~Khali Laguna

OMG!! A FREE skin treasure hunt at Skin Within

That’s right ladies, one skin in the store, has been marked down to L$0 and you need to find it!!

1) It’s not a freebie skin or even a skin I have on sale
2) You can find it in the store inner circle
3) It’s one of my newer products

Duration of the hunt:
The hunt is on for 24 hours until 8 AM sltime tomorrow 19th April.

Mouse over every makeup in the store (individual makeups are denoted by the face pics) and find the one priced at L$0

Final Request:
If you find it, please don’t tell :) . Feel free to bring family and friends over for the hunt but let them find it for themselves.

You can teleport directly to Skin Within here.

I often send out product updates, offers and gifts to my group. To sign-up just visit the subscribe-o-matic kiosk in the store.


An Afternoon Shopping Spree in Anaise from Skin Within

Hello beautiful people!

I just love this picture… for a change an on location shot.

This just shows how great Anaise looks out and about in every day SL.

Something this blog feature, I hope, is really highlighting – The wonderful designers in SL and how fabulously the Skin Within skins and their special makeups not only match the outfits but bring the entire look together with that certain spark. The spark that brings that sharp “put together” look!

Just one of the reasons I love these skins so much. They look so real and they just make the awesome designs that the amazing creators in SL turn out POP!

Who knows what I’ll come up with tomorrow… be sure to drop by!

Until tomorrow… ~Khali Laguna

Hair: Shylah Honey of Damselfly
Dress: Indyra Seigo of Indyra Originals


Runway Ready in Anaise from Skin Within

Hello beauties!

This is the Limited Edition of Anaise – the Runway version.

Ayesha generously created this skin and then gave it away free with every purchase of an Anaise skin during a very short timeframe.

The bold color and pattern are so eye catching… I just LOVE it! I really hope you do too!

Hair: Shylah Honey of Damselfly
Dress: Nicky Ree of Designing Nicky Ree
Pose: Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose


Up Close and Personal with Sheeba from Skin Within

Hello beauties!

Well, I did say personal didn’t I… How about up close and personal? *winks*

This picture really shows off the striking beauty of the Sheeba skin.

I just love the rich skin color (that doesn’t look orange as so many do), the smooth texture and the vibrant makeups – all features of the Sheeba line.

Tomorrow… Not sure what I am doing tomorrow… swing by and see!

Until then… ~Khali Laguna

Hair: Queue Marlowe of Analog Dog
Sweater: sachi Vixen of Adam n’ Eve
Jewelry: Hibiscus Flossberg of Puarangi Designs
Pose: Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose


Looking Sharp in Sheeba from Skin Within

Good Monday all you beautiful people!

I don’t know about you, but I find Mondays a general pain in the neck!

However, just because you may be overworked, tired, stressed etc… doesn’t mean you have to look it.

I think this outfit is smart and sassy and perfect for a lunch meeting with a client or a shopping trip after work.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll get… personal *winks* Be sure to be here!

Until then… ~Khali Laguna

Skin: Sheeba – Makeda – Evening Collection
Hair: Lola Marquez of Armidi
Outfit: Callie Cline
Shoes: Stiletto Moody
Pose: Zelly Mornington of Striking Poses


In My Sunday Best and Natalia from Skin Within

Happy Easter to all you beautiful people!!

Just a quick sentiment and a quick note of credit to the designers in light of the holiday.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful day with your family whether you observe Easter or not.

Not sure what’s coming tomorrow… I guess you’ll just have to drop by and find out! *grins*

Until then… ~Khali Laguna

Skin: Natalia – Vela – Smoky Collection
Outfit: Indyra Seigo of Indyra Originals
Hair: Elika Tiramisu of ETD
Jewelry: Lyanis Sin
Pose: Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose


Zarya from Skin Within Heats Up the Weekend!

Hello beauties! Here it is Saturday night and time for a little action out on the town!

This little outfit is perfect when you want to go hit the clubs and dance the night away… just make sure the weather is warm because you show a LOT of skin in this one! But trust me, it is a super duper, full on, 100% attention getting, man magnet!

Now, let’s go PARTY!!!!!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday so I need to get all the wildness out tonight so I can be all conservative tomorrow *grins*

Until then… ~Khali Laguna

Skin: Zarya – Nyx – Smoky Collection
Hair: Asuka Martin of Dernier Cri
Outfit: Indyra Seigo of Indyra Originals
Pose: Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose