LTD Edition Mardi Gras Skin from Skin Within

Hello friends,

Anaise’s LTD Edition Skin is a Mardi Gras celebration. I have created and used masks, pearls, ribbons and glitter with intricate scroll patterns in a riot of color to enhance the Anaise base skin. A carnivale lady adorns her back wearing a makeup style similar to that found on the skin.

Watermarked demo’s of the skin are available so you can see how she looks on your avatar. The purchased product however has a copy of Anaise’s shape so you will look like the model in the poster.

Skin permissions are set to copy so you can save copies of the skin in your inventory. The skin is however not modifiable or transferable.

There will be only 10 copies of this skin ever, which means only 10 avatars can purchase and own a copy of this Limited Edition skin. Your product is therefore unique.