MOB Vendor at Skin Within

Skin Within has it’s very own MOBVEND system. This is a vendor that keeps dropping it’s price based on how many people are in it’s vicinity. You could get a 1200 linden skin for as little as 500 lindens if you bring in enough people. I currently have a makeup from my latest skinline Alaysia available for purchase via the MOBVEND system.  I will be changing and updating this regularly.

So why not hang around Skin Within today? Try the demo’s of Alaysia, and while you are waiting, you might just pick up Mai, at a really really good price and get tons of freebies while you are at it :)




FREEBIES at Skin Within

Hello all you gorgeous people.

I have 19 new gifts at Skin Within!! Yep you got that right, 19. These are basically a lot of “never seen before” eyes, nailpolish and one Zarya skin with UNIQUE makeup.

The next question is how does one get these gifts?
The answer is simple, just hang around Skin Within :) . Yup, just by being there, the random prize giver will target one lucky ducky every 10 minutes and give them something. It’s totally random but the gift winner is announced via “shout”. Try and collect as many unique gifts as possible as these are NOT available in the store for sale.

I am enclosing a picture of the Zarya unique gift skin I have created for you.

I have not had time to photograph the eyes and nailpolish gifts but these are unique items available only via this channel and I am sure you will be thrilled with what you receive.

Skin Within is easily found via SL search.




*Pre-view* of Alaysia, Skin Within’s NEW Asian Skinline

Hello dear friends,
I have been working on a new Asian skinline for the store and have come up with Alaysia, a beautiful Chinese lady. I am showing you some preview shots of her and would love to know what you think. I’ve given her a shimmery glow that I hope will appeal.

I am launching this skin at the Skin Within store on Saturday, 25th October, 9pm SL time. There will be a launch party with live models and a DJ. You will be able to demo the skin as well as view her on the models. I will be there to answer any questions you may have. You can find the store easily via the in-world search tool.

Once the skin is available for demo and purchase, I’ll let you know via the blog, but please mark your calendars and keep Saturday 9 PM SL time free.

See you there!





FREE Skin Within Skin Anyone?

I have made a special LTD Edition makup for you today. This is made on the Anika skin base and I have called the makeup “Fyre” to suit the flame effect of the eyemakeup. I have also used darker eyebrows than Anika usually has as seen via the attached images.

This skin is available for FREE, yes that’s right FREE, to anyone that purchases any other Skin Within skin today. This purchased skin can be from any of the 17 Skin Within skinlines. This skin is offered for just one day so only purchases from 7AM SL time today (1st October 2008) to 7AM SL time tomorrow (2nd October 2008) are covered by this offer.

I will be dropping the skin on you personally during the course of the day of 2nd October 2008. The skin will include a bare and natural version, Anika’s body and brow shape and a the free pair of eyes that I include with Anika.

What you need to do is as follows:
1) Head over to Skin Within (easily found via search)
2) Purchase any single skin or skin pack from any of the 17 Skin Within skinlines
3) Sit back and wait for me to drop the skin on you.  The skin will be located in a folder called !Skin Within Anika Fyre LTD (This may take a while so please be patient, but I will do it on or before 3rd October)

The skin will not be available for purchase anytime after this 24 hour period so this is the only way you can get it.



Credit and thanks:
Damselfly Designs


Reel Expression