Skin Within’s LTD Edition version of Anika

Hello friends,

I have launched a limited edition of Anika with floral body art.  A lot of time has gone into making this unique version of Anika and I hope you like what I have done.

Watermarked demo’s of the skin are available so you can see how she looks on your avatar. The purchased product however has a copy of Anika’s shape so you will look like the model in the poster.

Anika’s pale skintone has been a perfect canvas for an elaborate floral pattern with yellow hibiscus and blue forget-me-nots. This turns her into a goddess of nature, perfectly at home in any fantasy setting.

Skin permissions are set to copy so you can save copies of the skin in your inventory. The skin is however not modifiable or transferable.

There will be only 10 copies of this skin ever, which means only 10 avatars can purchase and own a copy of this Limited Edition skin. Your product is therefore unique.






Skin Within’s *FREE* Skin Hunt

Greetings ladies, it’s  been a while since you heard from me, but I’ve been traveling and am now back and good to go.

Anyhow for the next 24 (From 5th July 7:30 AM PDT to 6th July 7:30 AM PDT) hours, there is a **FREE** skin hunt at the Skin Within store (Easily found by searching for “Skin Within”). One skin in the store (and I am not telling you which) is marked down to 0 Linden. Yep that’s right 0 Linden! All you have to do is teleport to the store and let your mouse hover over the different skins and see which shows it’s price at 0 Linden.

Feel free to tell friends and family to attend the event but no spoilers please.

Good Luck! Enjoy the hunt!