New Gifts and Freebies for Skin Within Profilers

If you have Skin Within in your profile picks grin happily. I have added two  new gifts to the gift room.

  1. An all new makeup for the freckled version of Adhira. She features earth tones in neutral shades. She comes with a shape, eyebrow shape (yes this is vital to the look of the skin) and free eyes. This skin, like all Skin Within skins is modifiable.
  2. A pair of sculpted eyelashes with the same easy fit feature as Skin Within’s Enchantment eyelashes. The contour of these eyelashes makes it easy for you to fit these to your avatar’s shape.

For instructions on how to add Skin Within to your profile please look here.





Zarya *NEW* Greek skin by Skin Within Launched *NOW*

Zarya is Skin Within’s Greek skin. Her smooth creamy Mediterranean skin tone, was the perfect canvas to experiment with a variety of color and makeup styles.

Although the skin did not quite call for the more flamboyant styles Skin Within has become known for, I have still experimented with colors and shading effects where one color fades into the other creating subtle color blends.

Her body is toned with a sculpted abdomen and special attention has been given to the bellybutton, spine and other areas of the skin.

Her makeup choices range from Day, Evening, Fantasy and Smoky so there is enough variety for everyone. A NoMakeup version is available for those that prefer a clean scrubbed look.

Pictures include the entire range of makeup. I hope you like the skin.



Credit and Thanks:
Damselfly Designs

Skin Within Fact Eyes (included for free with your skin purchase)

Reel Expression

Skin Within Enchantment Eyelashes (available for purchase separately)

Poster photography and composition:
Skin Within



Zarya launch delayed

My sincere apologies to those of you that have been waiting for Zarya’s launch. I’ve been having computer issues the whole of last week but this is now solved. I am finally able to resume work on her and will have her ready for you by the middle of next week.