Sheeba *NEW* Ethiopian skin from Skin Within

Greetings friends,

Sheeba has launched and is available at Skin Within for purchase. I have done my very best to bring you a skin with authentic skintone and shape. Her dark skin tone acts as a beautiful canvas for a wide variety of makeup styles and colors.
She features 24 makeup options. There are 6 skins available in each of the following categories:
Glitter – Subtle blends of various complimentry colors with a hint of shine. Suitable for a day as well as an evening look.
Evening – Slightly more daring makeups that bring out her skintone.
Tribal – Ethnic makeup in several tribal styles.
Smoky – Heavy Kohl lined eyes with dramatic color.
A NoMakeup version is also available for those that prefer a natural makeup free look.

Sheeba was created by a combination of photosourced and handpainted details. A lot of attention has been given to her body detailing which can be seen from the highlighting and shadows on the skin, the collar bones and neck tendons, the abdomen and light veining on the breasts.

Like all Skin Within skins, her skintone is fully modifiable (subject to the limits of the SL slider controls) and she comes with free shapes and eyes.



Credits and Thanks
Sheeba’s look has been enhanced by:

Mau’s & Mej’s

Skin Within Excess Eyes (included for free with your skin purchase)

Reel Expression

Skin Within Enchantment Eyelashes (available for purchase separately)

Poster photography and composition:
Skin Within



Ethiopian Skin Preview by Skin Within

Greetings friends,

I’ve spent the last few weeks working on a new dark skin and it’s been a challenge. Darker skins pose unique issues whilst creating the texture but after a lot of experimenting I am pleased with the results.

I’d like you all to meet Sheeba, Skin Within’s Ethiopian skin. She’ll make her debut at the store over the coming weekend or early next week at the very latest. I’ll keep you all posted.



Credit and Thanks:

Analog Dog


Reel Expression

Default Linden ones (I forgot to change these :( )