Ahawi American Indian by Skin Within Launches

Ahawi is Skin Within’s American Indian Skin. I have done my very best to bring you a skin with authentic skintone and shape. Her dusky complexion, toned abdomen and slanted eyes brings out her true ethnicity and shows her as the warrior woman she is.

Ahawi skins are all fully modifiable and the instructions enclosed with the package will show you exactly how you can make changes to her. Skin permissions are set to copy, so you can save different versions of her for a different look.

Ahawi comes in 24 makeup options. There are 6 skins available in each of the following categories:
Day – Light fresh colors. I have used subtle blends to leave the look as light and natural as possible.
Evening – Colors to suit any occasion to ensure you sparkle and shine.
Tattooed – Authentic tattoos have been modified using my artistic license.
Dramatic – Impactful makeups rich in color and style.
A NoMakeup version is also available for those that prefer a natural makeup free look.

Credits and Thanks

Ahawi’s look has been enhanced by:
Skyshop (main poster)
Naughty Designs
Skin Within Leonine Eyes (included for free with your skin purchase)
Reel Expression
Skin Within Enchantment Eyelashes (available for purchase separately)
Poster photography and composition:
Skin Within



Ahawi – American Indian Skin from Skin Within Preview

Greetings all you wonderful people. I’ve been working long and hard on Ahawi, Skin Within’s American Indian skinline. She’s taken longer than usual because I wanted to give her a fierce and proud look suitable to her ethnicity. She features slant eyes, a toned abdomen and additional body¬†shading detail not found on any previous skinline. Pictures are enclosed. A slideshow preview of her will follow as a separate post.

Credit and Thanks:

Hair: Naughty Designs
Costume: Songfeather Designs
Poses: Reel Expression