Christmas FREEBIES at Skin Within

Hello dear friends,

To celebrate the season, I have made some special gifts for you all and I hope you enjoy these.

The first is a free Christmas skin from my Arya skinline. The makeup features mistletoe, so be prepared for tons of kisses. I have designed it specially for this event and it will not be available subsequently.

The next gift is a pair of shoes from my Chic shoeline richly textured in reds and greens. Entirely suitable to wear during the holiday season and perhaps even after with a matching outfit.

Lastly, I have several pairs of eyes, manicures and pedicures made just for you.

The only catch is, you need to find these boxes containing the gifts.

These are scattered all over the sim, and can randomly appear and disappear anywhere in the main store or the gardens outside. They will however be visible at ground level, so there is no need to fly or dive :) ) The boxes are gold, silver and bronze in color, and each will give out one type of gift only. So to get all three, please make sure you click all three boxes.

I trust the holidays have been fun so far. Enjoy the rest of these days and tons of luck and happiness to your families and you for 2008.

To teleport to Skin Within click on



Arya Christmas Gift

FREE Arya skin with Christmas makeup

Chic Christmas Gift

Christmassy shoes


The boxes you need to look for

Skin Within launches Anika

Anika is Skin Within’s Scandinavian Skin. I have done my very best to bring you a skin with authentic skintone and shape. Her light colored skin has a light dusting of freckles and is compatible with and offset by a variety of colors which are reflected in the different makeup effects I have created.

Anika skins are all fully modifiable and the instructions enclosed with the package will show you exactly how you can make changes to her. Skin permissions are set to copy, so you can save different versions of her for a different look.

Anika comes in 24 makeup options. There are 6 skins available in each of the following categories:
Day – Light fresh colors. I have used subtle blends to leave the look as light and natural as possible.
Evening – Colors to suit any occasion to ensure you sparkle and shine.
Fantasy – Several of these have floral motif
Smoky – Heavy Kohl lined eyes with dramatic color.
A NoMakeup version is also available for those that prefer a natural makeup free look.

Credits and Thanks

Anika’s look has been enhanced by:

Skin Within Fiesta Eyes (included for free with your skin purchase)

Reel Expression

Skin Within Enchantment Eyelashes set to “Flirty” (available for purchase separately)



Anika Launch Delayed

Hello friends,

I regret to let you all know that Anika’s taking a wee bit longer than I anticipated. My being slightly under the weather with the flu is not helping much either :( .

Although I have finished work on all her makeup variations, I have to still take pictures and set up vendors. I promise I’ll have her ready for you within the next few days.

She’s worth the wait, and I just know Kiara, Adhira and Honey fans will be delighted.



*FREE* Unique Adriana skin at Skin Within

The Avastar Readers Group invited me to make a freebie for their members and offer it as a part of a Christmas give away. I picked my Adriana skinline, and made a totally new makeup for her.

To get this skin, you need to do the following:
1) Search for and become a member of “The AvaStar Readers” Group
2) Click on to teleport to the Avastar Advent Calendar in the Skin Within store
3) Make sure The AvaStar Readers group is your active title
4) Click on the kiosk to receive your gift.

This is a unique makeup and a one day offer only.  I’ll be taking the kiosk down tomorrow so please get yours today.

If you have any friends or know any newcomers who would be interested in this skin, please let them know of this offer and these instructions on how to receive the skin.



Skin Within’s Anika launching soon

Hi there,

Just wanted to offer you all a sneak peek at Anika, a new pale skin with a light dusting of freckles. She’s suitable as a blond, redhead and perhaps even a brunette. I’ve started work on her makeup (what you see is the no makeup version) and will be launching her shortly. 

I’m trying to get her out this weekend, i.e December 8th or 9th, but in case of any change, I’ll keep you informed via this blog.



Credits and Thanks to:

Swimsuit: Casa del Shai
Hair: Naughty Designs
Pose: Reel Expression
Eyes: Skin Within
Eyelashes: Scripted Sculpted Enchantment Eyelashes from Skin Within