Skin Within launches it’s “Chic” shoeline

Greetings friends,

I’d love you to take a peek at the latest SW product. There are 12 pairs in all, each textured uniquely. Singles are L$450 and the 12 fatpack is for L$3600.

The Zardozi pair shown below reflects a traditional form of Indian Embroidery.

The Colonial pair is available to all members of the Skin Within group. So if you’d like to receive this, head over to the store and click on the group update kiosk. Once you are a member you will receive periodic updates and also be able to receive gifts sent previously.

Skin Within can be reached at or by looking up “Skin Within” via the SL classifieds.





Manicures and Pedicures at Skin Within

Whilst I have always admired how shiny and pretty prim nails are, due to the limited attachment points available to designers, these don’t always function as they are supposed to.

I’ve made some manicure and pedicure sets for SW, which can be worn on the glove and sock layers. I have done my best to give the nails a glossy shiny look and the illusion of length.  You can pick up a L$1 tester at SW and if you like the fit, get more of the colors.

By the way, I have done 3 exclusive manicure and pedicure sets for Skin Within group members. If you click on the “group updates” kiosk at the store, and become a member, you can check the history of messages and retrieve your gift. Skin Within can easily be found by searching for it via the SL Search system.





Sculpted Scripted Eyelashes from Skin Within


Skin Within has launched it’s very first set of sculpted scripted eyelashes. These include 6 interchangeable eyelash styles for a variety of different looks. They are easy to fit and have been designed taking the avatar’s eye contour into consideration.

The eyelashes are available at the Skin Within sim. Skin Within (63, 113, 28) is the exact location.

These eyelashes were built by Elliott Eldrich and the textures were done by me.




*SABA* Turkish Skin by Skin Within Launched

Hello friends,

I am delighted to announce the launch of my Turkish skin Saba. She was under creation for a while now, but I am pleased with the final result.

Credit and thanks: 

Analog Dog (Main Poster Hair)

Skin Within Mirage Eyes (included for free with your skin purchase)

Reel Expression

Skin Within Enchantment Eyelashes set to “Mystique” (Will be available shortly)

Poster and individual makeup images enclosed. Please click on the thumbnail for a close-up of the headshots.