Preview of Saba, Turkish skin by Skin Within

Greetings friends,

I’ve just finished work on my Saba skin base and am about to start work on her makeup. I hope to have her finished by the weekend of November 3rd/4th. She is shown here in her “No makeup” option, which will also be available when she launches.


Hair: ETD
Swimsuit: Casa del Shai
Eyelashes: Catwalk Eyelashes
Pose: Luth Brodie



Day #7 Makeup *Adriana* Limited Edition Launched

Hello friends,

Adriana my day #7 makeup is now ready for purchase at Skin Within and will be available for purchase for the next 24 hours only.

I have used bold dramatic colors in reds and blacks.

You can grab a demo by visiting Skin Within at or looking up “Skin Within” via the SL classifieds.




Day #6 Limited Edition Skin EVA launched

Hello friends,

The Limited Edition day 6 skin is SW’s golden tanned skin Eva. Her makeup comprises prismatic eyeshadow and magenta lips.  She has been put up for sale and will be available for the next 24 hours.

You can grab a demo by visiting Skin Within at or looking up “Skin Within” via the SL classifieds.




Day #5 Limited Edition Makeup Arya

Hello friends,

The Limited Edition Skin to celebrate day 5 of the opening of the sim is my Indian skin Arya done in a riot of rainbow colors to enhance her dusky skin tone. She has been put up for sale and will be available for the next 24 hours.

You can grab a demo by visiting Skin Within at or looking up “Skin Within” via the SL classifieds.




Day 3 makeup


The Day #3 makeup has been out already but I have not been able to update the blog because my internet has been off and on since yesterday. Makeup changes at about 9 am sltime each day.

Anyhow, the day 3 limited edition makeup is none other than Ashaki. So for all the Ashaki fans out there, now is your chance to get a unique look for your avatar.  

Please visit the store at Within/124/128/28 for a demo.

Pssssst, the look for tomorrow, will be Jia in lovely shades of green with an elaborate tattoo on the sides of her eyes.




Launch week of new Sim

Skin Within proudly presents the opening of it’s new Sim. Skin Within, known for it’s unique high quality female skins, specializing in ethnic skins, now has an entire Sim to show it’s products.To celebrate this, we will be hosting the following events during the launch week: 

Each day of the week, from October 17 to October 23, there will be a special makeup for sale for one of the Skin Within skins. These makeups are different and exciting, and they will only be available on that particular day. After the launch week, these makeups will never be available again. Your chance to get a unique look!

During the launch there will be three gift boxes spread across the new Skin Within island. These boxes contain gifts donated by Skin Within, Nikki Slade and Alchemy Angels. After a box is found, it will disappear and reappear elsewhere in the Sim. The gift from Skin Within is a skin, specially designed for the launch. This skin is unique, similar to the skins that usually sell for L$ 1200. It is free, but the only way to get it is to find the box during the launch! 

There will be a DJ to bring in the party spirit. It’s not everyday Skin Within opens a new island, let’s celebrate!

The Skin Within shop has been specially designed by Elliott Eldrich and is a beautiful building. Be sure to pay attention to details such as the elaborate ceiling. I am quite proud of it. I have also included private changing rooms, after popular demand. Try them out! 

Skin Within has 11 skin lines, each with 24 makeup options. They are sold for L$ 1200 each or L$ 3600 for a set of six. Each skin line has been designed from scratch, and body as well as face reflect the different ethnicities they represent.

The new Sim is located at ‘Skin Within’ (124,128, 28)


The special makeup for the Nadia skinline, available only on October 17. 


 The three gift boxes, hidden throughout the Sim.


The free skin of one of the gift boxes.

New Sim launch

Hello friends,

The new Skin Within store will be launched on Wednesday, October 17. Skin Within will have it’s own entire sim, dedicated to the unique range of ethnic skins it is known for.

To celebrate this wonderful occasion, Skin Within will be having a week of events. There will be freebies, and a unique, one of a kind makeup each day of the launch week. These makeups will be available for a day each only, they will never be repeated.

Make a note in your diary ladies: drop by each day of the launch week from the 17th of October, to see what Skin Within has in store for you!