**FREE** Skin Offer

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently purchased my own sim and Skin Within will be moving in about a month to an exclusive and new location.

To celebrate this, I am having a 24 hour offer where with every purchase of my recently launched Eva Abalone skin, you get an Arya Orchid absolutely FREE.

The Arya Orchid skin, it’s shape and other package contents have been added to the Eva skin, so all you have to do, is purchase the Eva skin to receive the Arya skin and it’s related contents as well.

This offer is valid for 24 hours from 10 AM PDT on Thursday, 26th July to 10 AM PDT Friday 27th July.



Eva – Blond Tanned Skin

I finally managed to finish the work on Eva (which includes setting up those horrible prim sellers and lining it all up). Dear oh dear you should have seen me muddle through that. Fortunately, 10 skinlines later, at least I have progessed beyond the point where I bury multiple ”skin seller prims” in my neighbours land. Sheesh they must think of me as a tremendous litterbug.

 Well, here she is and I hope you like her.

Skyshop (Main Poster)
Naughty Designs

Reel Movement
Skin Within


And the makeup




Launching Shortly – EVA


Eva is my Californian tanned skin. She’s perfect for blond hair but is versatile enough to suit other colors as well. 

I am currently working on her makeup and hope to have her launched before the weekend. I’ll keep you posted of my developments via the blog and Skin Within group.

 I’d love to know what you think.


Hair: Naughty Designs
Clothing: Shai Delacroix
Jewelry: Taliah Talamasca (bracelets)
Shoes: Awori Cassini
Pose: Luth Brodie




Arya Skins

Arya is the most recent of the Skin Within skins. She’s an Indian skin and her ethnic look is further enhanced by one set of traditional Indian makeup that includes the traditional “bindi” or dot Indian women wear on their foreheads.


Whilst traditionally a red ”bindi” in the shape of a dot was worn to symbolize a woman is married,  nowadays the “bindi” is used more as a fashion accessory than in the traditional sense. One finds these in ornamental shapes and varied sizes.

Arya’s Indian styled makeup in done in the color of the element or celestial being it is intended to represent. I have also used Hindi names to represent these elements.
Agni – Fire
Nee’ir – Water
Vahyu – Air
Dharti – Earth
Surya – Sun
Chandra – Moon

Apart from this, she also has a set of fantasy themed makeup that is rather popular at Skin Within.


I tend to build all my skinlines from scratch, without borrowing too much from previous work. Arya is no exception to this.

Jia Skinline

Jia is my Asian skin. I really like doing these ethnic skins as I find it an enormous challenge, which I totally enjoy. Although Jia is designed as an Asian skin, she also fits a variety of shapes for a totally versatile look.


Jia has 24 makeup options. Do drop into Skin Within to see the categories these are grouped into. I am enclosing a picture of the makeup with this post.


Ashaki Skinline

I really wanted to do a beautiful African skin, so did Ashaki. She has a wild and untamed look I am thrilled with. Makeup comes in Day, Evening, Extreme and Smoky. Comments and critique are welcome as always.



Adhira Skins

My Adhira skinline was created out of necessity for more fair skins in the store. She’s rather pale, but for those that want to darken her a bit, the sliders work just fine. Just remember to try not to go above the “80″ slider darkness setting or the skin tends to grey out. This is what happens when the base avatar model has a color range from white to black instead of from cream to brown. Add too much black to anything and it will grey out!!


Adhira also comes in a smooth and freckled version, which has nice full body freckles. She makes a great redhead or blond. I totally ran out of makeup names for this one, as I have resorted to naming one of the makeups “bark”. Obviously I was referring to tree trunks, but my husband insisted it would remind people of dogs. Ah well, hope the bunch of you out there adore dogs.



Kiara Skins

Kiara was a fun skin to make. I wanted to see what would happen if I kept the skin texture totally intact. Those of you that have bought my skins, know that I do my very best to ensure that these are extremely realistic, but I think with Kiara I went a little over the top.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE this skin, but she’s no Barbie. She’s got a bit of sun damage, some skin inclusions and some freckles on her face. In short I’ve left the skin texture totally intact, with very little smoothing. Kiara is not a skin for every avatar, but if you want a skin that would make you look a little older and sophisticated, then Kiara is what I would recommend for you.


By now you can see I was totally out of makeup names. My friends Tanya and Amelia Book were kind enough to compile a list of  names for me and amongst these were names of some cities. I borrowed the idea and named the Kiara skinline using names of cities in Italy and Spain.

Now for the complex part. Kiara has two brow colors. There are 12 makeups in the dark (almost black) eyebrow system and 12 in the light (red) eyebrow color system. Kiara does makes a fabulous redhead.


Nadia Skinline

I did Nadia soon after I finished Honey. She’s got a gold tanned skintone. Like all my other skinlines, she too is copy/mod.


Fortunately I decided not to complicate the makeup styles too much, so its just 24, split into 12 day and 12 night.

I’m not in-world now so don’t know which are the day and which are the night makeups. Some of the day versions are quite smoky looking, so I am just dumping all these images into one file. For those of you that are more particular and want to see the specific categories, “Skin Within” can be easily found via Second Life’s classified search.


Honey Skinlines

AHA!! I discovered that one can add a title to the blog message, so the honey entry, message, blogpost or whatchawannacallit will hopefully make more sense. I know I forgot to add a title to  my earlier posts or did I add one? If I backspace to check, I’m probably going to lose what I wrote here, so let me continue.

Whilst doing the Honey skin, I discovered that people have a very strong preference to the kitty carpet. Some want it bare whilst others say “gimme some fuzz”. As I aim to please :) , my Honey skinline and those after, have both variations.

Honey is a skin that suits those with blond or red hair. She has a freckled and a smooth version (talking about freckles here so get your mind out of the gutter) and also comes in 24 makeups. Now for the complicated bit, there are 6 freckled day, 6 freckled night, 6 smooth day, and 6 smooth night makeup options.



Linden Lifestyles also reviewed my Honey skinline and did give her an overall favorable review which you can read here http://lindenlifestyles.com/?p=509