Aisha – Dark Glossy Skin from Skin Within

Aisha is a gorgeous dark toned skin for Second Life. Her skin has a glossy high contrast look especially designed to suit her color. She comes with 12 gorgeous makeups and multiple layers.
Second life dark skin

Layers include:
Lip color tattoos in pink, red and natural
Eyebrow tattoos in three styles
Enhanced cleavage
Au Naturale tattoo

She also comes with four eye color options.

Body and brow shapes are included if you’d like to look exactly like her poster.

Every skin purchase comes with all her layers. This gives you a ton of options, because if you love a particular eye-makeup but not the lips, you can swap it with one of the available lip color tattoos.

Demo’s of everything are available so you know exactly what you are getting with your purchase.

Sample makeups include:

Hair: Tukinowaguma, Truth
Eyelashes: Gaeline Creations
Bikini: Armidi
Pose: Reel Expression
Eyes: Skin Within (free with your purchase)

Skin Within launches Alina

Skin Within is back! Launching an incredible unique skin ‘Alina’ NOW. All features, makeups and body options have been painstakingly designed. This results in a skin that offers everything and doesn’t compromise in any field.

This Celtic beauty features a body with a regular and enhanced cleavage. Like previous skinlines, the skin is available in “bare” and “natural” form. Optional tattoo freckle layers are also included and an add-on smile which gives her slightly parted lips and is fantastic for photo-shoots.

Add on makeup made for Alina can be purchased separately. There are 24 makeup tattoos you can get as singles or sets.

Demo’s of all skins, body layers and makeups are available from demo vendors.

The purchased package will contain the suggested body and eyebrow shapes which you may use if you wish, freckle and parted lip layers and two versions of the skin cleavage enhanced and regular in both natural and bare versions. You also get 3 sets of eyes that work well with her skin-tone. As the skin looks best with red hair, a red hairbase forms part of the skin.

Drop by Skin Within and see what we’ve been offering Second Life for almost 5 years now. Skin Within gives you the best, with attention to each and every detail.

Check out the store to see what the fuss is all about. And to old customers: welcome back!

Credits and Thanks
Alina’s look has been enhanced by:
Skin Within Mirage Eyes (included for free with your skin purchase)
Reel Expression and Corpus
Poster photography and composition:
Skin Within
Tekeli-li and Zaara

Upcoming release from Skin Within

Girls I’m back…

I’ve spent a while getting a real world jewelry business off the ground but the lure of SL has however been too strong to resist and I’m back with Skin Within’s next release.

Attached are “Alina’s” pictures. She’s SW’s new redhead skin and will be making her debut in the store once I get her makeup done. I’ve spent months working on and perfectng her and I hope you’ll love her as much as I do.

Watch this space for her launch notification which should hopefully be within a week.

Skin Within Alina
Skin Within Alina Full


Hair: Truth
Bikini: Armidi
Eyelashes: Lelutka
Pose: Reel Expression

Feeling a little blue

Blue 1 Well where do I start with Droe??  I’ve seen a lot of blue skins around, but hadn’t been grabbed by them, maybe ‘cos it’s ‘in’ to be blue right now – I have a few blue skins, already – a couple for my water fairy, even one blue demon – but honestly, not one like this.  This is how I THINK I would look, if I were blue – all the detail and texture you expect with Skin Within, all wrapped up in a perfectly alien, supremely otherworldly skin.Blue 2So yeah, I pop on the skin… and I could see who I was, there and then – be it alien, cyborg, or just plain genetic reject, I *knew* Droe belonged in space, on some kind of half rusted deep cycle tramp freighter, either in charge of making sure we didn’t get boarded, or possibly making sure we were successful when WE did.  Quite possibly she’s one of those retired asassins who’ve not quite come to terms with retirement – either way, she looks edgy, dangerous, and smokily exotic.Blue 3

So I piled up the red hair, thanks to Devian Kitties – I don’t know about you, but the red just seemed to fit.  The makeup is so luscious, so detailed, so spot on to give a pure feel to the look of the blue skin.  Let’s face it, I’ve worked with Ayesha’s skins long enough, I knew it’d be good when she handed it to me – I don’t know that I thought it’d be *this* impressive though.

Blue 4 Hoop earrings are from Boom, along with a ‘Letter Me’ ‘J’ necklace from Skream… all the bangles and the wonderfully intricate ‘Ritual’ goth bracelet that just seemed in place for this skin are from Skream too.

Blue 5 Eyes (Look into my) are from Exodi, and the sunglasses covering them, above, are from Role Optic.  Leopard pants and the wonderful jacket are from Aoharu – just in case you’re one of the few people who didn’t know, Aoharu have a 50% off sale – if you haven’t been there, go – you deserve it :)

Blue 6 I really do get a ‘feel’ from this skin – I’ll be happily running around ‘feeling blue’ for ages.  The more I look, the more I like it – it’d be well worth making the trip to take a look yourself, especially at the Rezzable’s show, which is an SL experience in itself

Blue 7 I’ve used the supplied shape for Droe – Skin Within always supplies the shape with the skins, so you get ‘the’ look right out of the store – I have tried her on my normal shape and it works well too – will shoot samples later.Blue 8

Skin, Shape: Skin Within
Hair: Deviant Kitties
Jewelery: Skream, except earrings, Boom
Jacket, Pants: Aoharu
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Pedicure & Manicure: Skin Within
Eyes: Exodi
Weapons: Big Box of Free Guns – XStreet

Skin Within’s – “The Future is now” skins

When Winter Jefferson invited me to do this show, I had no idea what to make for it. The theme for this show is robosexual, novametal, cyberpunk, starfunk, spacejunk and was extremely interesting and exciting although it was a subject I had limited experience with

If you missed today’s exciting show, please do try and catch the upcoming ones on:
31 JANUARY 2010, SUNDAY, 3:30 PM SLT

Without further delay I’d like to introduce you to SW’s cyber humanoid ladies both of which are currently available at Greenies Home Rezzable



FREE skin hunt at Skin Within

It’s TREASURE HUNT time girls.

One skin in the store has been marked down to 0 linden and you need to find which it one it is and buy it for 0 linden. That’s right, one Skin Within skin can be yours totally FREE.

Mouse over every makeup in the store (individual makeups are denoted by the face pics) and find the one priced at L$0.

1) It’s not a freebie skin or even a skin I have on sale
2) You can find it in the store inner circle

Duration of the hunt:
The hunt is on for 24 hours until 1 AM sltime tomorrow 2nd December 2009.

Final Request:
If you find it, please don’t tell :) . Feel free to bring family and friends over for the hunt but let them find it themselves.



Anika returns…

Anika - Trinket - Strong effects

Looking at the post archives, it’s been quite a while since Anika made an appearance with her Scandinavian beauty, so I thought I’d give her a try – this is her ‘Trinket’ make up, bold eyes to go with the lush lips, smooth light skin with classic definition – Anika’s makeup just seemed ripe for a night out in the town…Anika - Trinket

I teamed Anika’s lovely skin up with hair from Tukinowaguma – this place is rapidly turning into one of my favourite addictions in Second Life.  This particular hair is called ‘Cellular’, and comes complete with the hat – multiple textured versions of the hat, all colour change (just like the hair, which has a staggering 144 colour variants in it too).

Anika - Trinket 2

Pictured earrings are from Artistry by ~E~, the bangles and necklace are from Skream, and the chain bracelet is from Glowing Gems.  The clutch comes with the Black Widow cocktail mules from Pixel Mode.  The lovely little gold dress is from Luck Inc – I bought the red and fell so in love with how it looked I had to go back and get the fatpack.

Anika - Trinket Facial

Above is a clear shot of Anika’s face – below is my take after playing in photoshop – as you can see, the look of an image varies greatly as to how it is finished – it also looks dramatically different in world if you use different windlight settings, etc – my recommendation to anyone is to come to Skin Within, try the demos, see how the skin you like looks in your set up of Second Life.  Skin Within demos are all free, and are an excellent way to get a feel for a skin.  Ayesha even includes the shape the skin was designed for with each purchase, so you can get the exact look of the vendor when you leave the store.  In this case, I’ve worn Anika on my favourite shape, Kiara Supermodel, from Skin Within, too.

Anika - Trinket Facial - Styled 640

Model is wearing:
Skin: Anika Trinket, from Skin Within
Hair: Cellular from Tukinowaguma (hat included)
Eyes: SLB Labs
Dress: Luck Inc
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Jewelery: Skream, Glowing Gems, Artistry by ~E~

Anaise in Damour…

Anaise in the snow

Anaise found herself a pretty little dress from Sasha’s Designs (this was a ‘Beating the Monday Blues’ special – if you haven’t seen some of the lovely things being offered each Monday, it’s well worth a look out for)  It seemed the ideal thing to take out for a pre-festive walk in the snow :)

Anaise closer

Anaise is in ‘Damour’ make up – she has luscious bright tones of eyeshadow, and my very favourite glossy red lips.  The lovely necklace and earrings you see are from Artistry by ~E~, stunning little pieces, as always.

Anaise at the wall

The hair you see is from Sweet Hair – this blonde tone is currently a special on Xstreet, and is a steal for the price – it’s soft, silky, and completely gorgeous.  I find I need a realistic looking hair to go with Anaise, because of the level of detail Ayesha has put into the skin.  I’m wearing Anaise on a Kiara shape, also from Skin Within, and the red nail manicure is also from there.

Anaise facial

These crystal blue eyes are from SLB Labs.  I’d recommend dropping into Skin Within and taking a look for yourself at the range – plenty of choice, luscious makeup, and demo’s available of all skins – the work Ayesha puts in to her skins can more than pay off in how good your Avi can look, inworld.

Model is wearing:
Skin Within Anaise skin, in ‘Damour’ makeup
Sweet Hair ‘Natalie’ in Blonde
SLB Eyes in Lilac (Big)
Sasha Designs Wilhelima in Black
Pixel Mode ‘Black Widow’ Cocktail Shoes
Jewellery by Artistry by ~E~ and Glowing Gems

Amelie, Tendre

Tendre, facial

Continuing my exploration of Skin Within’s latest release, the stunning french inspired Amelie, today I’m wearing Tendre makeup from the day range of makeup.  I’ve put it with some luscious hair from Argrace – I don’t know how I’d managed to miss this place in my travels, it’s got some lovely stuff.  Tendre is quite a bold makeup for the day range, so I teamed it with a lovely halter top from That Rocks in a purple to meet with the tones of the eyeshadow and lipstick, and a shiny new bangle from Glowing Gems.  The delicate textured chain you can see is the purity necklace, from Skream .

Tendre, Full Body I’m using the Kiara ‘Supermodel’ shape today with Amelie, to show that these skins to work well on all sorts of shapes, not just on the one provided to match the skin.  Skin Within offer the shape the skin was designed for, with every skin sold, so people can get exactly the look they see on the vendor, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work with *your* shape.  Seeing the wonderful look of the detail on the belly meant I just had to show it off, so I put the halter with this ultra lethal little mini from DrawMachine.  It’s short, skimpy, and the ties on the side finish off a really well textured skirt.  Kiara’s legs go on forever, so I’m wearing a floral tattoo from Foxxy Designs to help bring some attention to them, too.  Cocktail Mules in Cosmo from Pixel Mode (yes, I think I bought the whole store in that 50l sale) complete the look, along with a plum manicure and pedicure from the Skin Within range. Tendre, 3/4

Model is wearing:
Skin: Skin Within Amelie in Tendre Makeup
Shape: Skin Within Kiara Supermodel
Manicure & Pedicure: Skin Within
Eyes: SLB Lilac (Big) eyes
Hair: Argrace
Top: That Rocks!
Skirt: Drawmachine
Shoes: Pixel Mode Cocktail mules
Jewellery: Glowing Gems, Skream, Flirt
Tattoo: Foxxy Designs

Amelie – Skin/Shape Expo 09

Amelie on the chair

I gave Amelie a slightly different look with this one – popped her skin on the Anaise shape to see how she’d look on a shape that’s not ‘her own’ – and she looks to have passed with flying colours.  The skin itself is the special release of Amelie, available for the Skin/Shape expo 09 charity event at the Kmadd sim.  It’s well worth dropping in to the skin show to grab the luscious gifts available and see all the new releases and special charity editions.

The gorgeous shoes I’m wearing are by Jenny Thielt of Glowing Gems, and bear my name – her Jessica’s are an upcoming release, and are quite lovely – wearable with and without the buckle and gems, they have a colour selector for each part that gives you an infinite amount of combinations (and I mean infinite – it’s like the pallette in Photoshop, you can choose any shade, they’re like *wow* shoes)

Amelie SS09 Close

The lush little dress is ‘Payne’ from TART – I put it with Caelyn hair from Novocaine ‘cos I just felt a little eighties slipping in so I needed bigger hair :)

Amelie looking your way

Model is wearing:
Skin Within Amelie Skin (SS09 expo charity style), Anaise Shape, Vamp Manicure
Novocaine – Caelyn in Port
TART – Payne Dress & Spiked wristband
Skream – Luigi necklace & Allira Emo Hair bow in Blood
SLB Labs Lilac Eyes (Big)
Flirt – Tiffany Charm Bracelet
Glowing Gems – Jessica colour change shoes with diamonds & Diamond AnkletAmelie on the chair 2