Skin Within’s version 2 Makeups and FREEBIES

After years of waiting the Linden Gods have finally given us designers an extra layer for tattoos and makeups. This exciting addition can be found in viewer 2.0. As a result, Skin Within is now able to offer you make-ups that can be applied on any skin you may have.

Without further delay, I am proud to offer you 12 new add-on make-ups. Skin Within now has an entire room that will be devoted to these make-up tattoos and in this room are also 3 gift makeups, which you can pick up when you visit the store. The slurl to the gift room is here.


I would also request that you take the time to read the FAQ below as it will answer any remaining questions.



Frequently asked Questions
1. I use viewer 1.xx, can I still use the new makeup addons?
No, to be able to use the new makeup addons, you MUST have downloaded the new beta viewer version 2.0.

2. Where can I find viewer 2.0?
You can download viewer 2.0 here

3. Can I wear the Skin Within add-on makeup on any skin?
Yes you can. This is the best part of add-on make-up. Of course, there is always the chance it may not work properly with some skins as some make-ups work better with light skins and some with darker ones. Demos are available to try before you buy.

4. Can I wear the Skin Within add-on makeup on skins of another designer?
Absolutely, but do try the demo version first to see how this looks.

5. I currently have many skins can I wear the make-up on all these skins?
Yes you can.

6. Will wearing a Skin Within makeup tattoo, spoil the skin I am wearing?
No it will not affect the skin you are wearing at all. It is just an overlay which is worn over your current skin. Like any piece of clothing, it can be removed.

7. If I am on viewer 2 and wearing this make-up, will others be able to see it?
Yes you need to be on the latest viewer to wear the make-up but people using older viewers will also see the result.

8. What if I like only the eyeshadow and not the lips of the make-up. Can I wear only the eyeshadow?
You don’t have to wear the full makeup. Skin Within make-up add-ons come as separates as well. So when you buy the package, you have the option of wearing the entire make-up, just the eyeshadow, or just the lips at your discretion.

9. Can I wear the eyeshadow from one make-up style and the lips from another?
Unfortunately we have been given only one extra layer, so you cannot do this.

10. What if I only want the eyeshadow and not the lips from the package, can I get a discount?
Unfortunately no, feel free to wear the eyes and you never know when the lips will work for you. Perhaps on another skin.